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Dear readers.

I am warning you all about certain things to not put down on your listings.

I got a message from E-bay today after listing an item the night before telling me that they have had to take one of my items off E-bay because of something I had put on the bottom of the description.

I am not the type of person who disobeys laws and things, or so I thought.

To make my life easier, I have inserted a copy of the e-mail that I received from E-bay redarding what I was selling and what I had done wrong.

I am warning the people of Britain to be careful what you type into your description when selling things. Do not mention anything to do with accepting decent offers (tempting as it is to put that in, look what happened to me) otherwise E-bay might be bitchy with you or even take you off for so-called 'breaching their contract'!

The only way of getting away with asking for good offers is to include a 'Buy It Now' price as well as a good starting bid, otherwise you could get into some sort of trouble for mentioning anythinng to do with being 'open for offers'!

Here is an exact copy of the message that I received this morning, it even has my E-bay user name on it to prove that this message is real.

Unfortuanately, E-bay won't let me insert a copy of my message because????

Anyway, if this guide is useful then that's alright but if it ain't, that doesn't matter. At least I've warned other people!



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