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So you want to buy an MP3 player. Thinking "oh I'll get a good deal on ebay". Well beware member foryou1949. If you want to waste money on cheap pieces of electronics, then be my guest. But for us sane people who don't, beware!

I recently bought an MP3 player from them. So I asked them for a black one...twice, because they would not respond to their EBAY email, only the email on their website. Then I had to remind them to send it after taking the money out of my account. So about a week and a half later I receive this....tack?! It was a bulky, plastic, rattling, SILVER MP3 player (if you can call it that). It had two tracks on it already, so I listened to those and I thought I was suddenly under water. So I thought maybe it was that track so I put my own one on, but it was exactly the same.

So I returned my un-black MPcrap player and asked for a refund. I emailed three of their email addresses to ask for a refund and return address, They replied to every one but the ebay one. So they gave a POBOX easily, they are obviously used to people asking for returns.

And so a few days later, I'm still waiting, no response or anything. They are appauling at communicating.

Another thing to watch out for is the postage costs. £5.00 P+P...thats ok! But £10.00 postal insurance?! Would seem fine but it seems pure profit as they use royal mail recorded delivery, about £3.50 at most. so where does the other £11.50 go?! I'll tell you, look on their website, the MP3 players are £39.99. on ebay they are £25.00. So add on the £5.00 P+P, then the £10.00 postal insurace, and sure enough they are making the same as they do on their website. Cunning £10.00 profit!

And don't think I'm the only one to complain, it might be a small percentage but take the time to read the negative feedback and you'll see just how bad they are.

So fingers crossed for my refund. But good luck avoiding

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