Warning: buy with caution from imobile_uk

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UK 4G may not work on foreign handsets

I thought I'd share my experience with imobile_uk, a seller in Hong Kong who sells mobile phones and other devices. I bought a Samsung Galaxy Note Edge from him on eBay after checking his listing that the phone supported 4G on O2. O2 uses 4G frequency LTE 800 and the listing had LTE 800 as one of the frequencies it works with. I received the phone and inserted my O2 4G SIM and quickly realised it didn't support LTE 800 at all. 

I messaged imobile_uk and waited two days for a reply. He wasn't very helpful and when I asked for an address he evaded my request and despite several more requests I still don't have an address to return the phone.  I gave him negative feedback after unsuccessfully trying to resolve the issue.

I have now opened a dispute through PayPal to get a full refund and he offered me £30 to revise my feedback.

My advice if buying a mobile device from a dealer on eBay, do lots of research first and read the listing carefully. Only communicate through eBay so in the event of a dispute all communication is saved for evidence of your claim. 

Sellers like imobile_uk state in their listings that their phones are stocked in the UK. They aren't. The tracking number provided never worked until they day of delivery. A phone call to Royal Mail confirmed this is the case when the package is of foreign origin. The phone arrived packed with Chinese packing tape. Imobile_uk import mobile phones that are intended for foreign markets, hence why they don't work with some UK 4G networks. If 4G is a requirement you can't live without then look elsewhere.

Another thing to consider is the charger. Although imobile_uk supply a plug adapter for the foreign charger, unless you buy a Samsung original charger, the fast charge facility on the Note Edge (in my case) won't work.

I hope this helps others to avoid the aggravation of buying a phone that doesn't operate as expected.

Note: if you are buying a 4G phone off eBay then research the frequency bands UK carriers use. Google is your friend but the frequencies are as follows:

O2 - LTE 800Mhz
Vodafone - LTE 800Mhz & 2.6Ghz
EE - LTE 800Mhz, 1.8Ghz & 2.6Ghz
3 LTE 800Mhz & 1.8Ghz

Commonly mobile phones intended for foreign markets will not work with O2 and Vodafone 4G bands.
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