Warning feedback blackmail.

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There are some sellers on ebay using dubious tactics to prevent their feedback rating decreasing and it appears that ebay cannot do anything about it.
I recently left neutral feedback for a seller. I could have left negative as the item was faulty and they have strict conditions about packaging and returns. However I left neutral and more importantly, factual feedback, simply stating the item developed a fault.
In return the seller left unpleasant and aggressive negative feedback for me. At the same time he then filed a "mutual request to withdraw" feedback form. Looking back through his feedback it becomes apparent that this is a tactic he has used several times. He said in an equally aggressive email that yes he used it to get a withdrawal to keep his rating unchanged.
In this situation I would advise you to accept the negative feedback, leaving a follow up comment trusting in the ebay community that the rest of yours and his feedback speaks for itself. Dont let bullying tactics from unreasonable sellers win the day.



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