Warning on so called wholesale lists - Scam ???

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After completing a bit of market research and buying two of these so called wonder lists, I found myself stairing at either a potential profit making scheme or one of the most successful scams on ebay.  Read on it gets interesting... :-)

Search for a wholesale lot and read the contents then look at that sellers items for sale, check they have got a huge bargain lot of mobile fones or games consoles for sale yeah?  The plot thickens, I bidded on a lot of ps3s, five to be exact, had a winning bid of just over a hundred pounds, crazy yeah thought I was on to a winner because the auction had no reserve price and a small spelling mistake in the title, checking the auction in work it was only an hour to go and i was on lunch and would miss the end. 

Came back from lunch and to my dismay the seller had ended the auction stating the item was no longer available, yet the seller relisted the item i.e five ps3s, within the space of an hour. wateched the new auction just to see what happend, same thing the auction didnt sell!

Trick to this is sell the whole sale list and get 1000+ interseted people wanting to buy your list because you promise it is the best thing since sliced bread and of course you are the real deal because shock; you are selling the products and making a killing (sorry for the puns) on the so called cheap products you are buying from the wonder list of contacts that you are offering at say £5.97. Come on guys buy one, you to can be onto my fortune to.  Companies spend years and money gaining contacts and building up business friendships, they are not going to just give that information.

I also contacted ebay on this matter and never got a reply on the matter. Well hey maybe im on to something maybe im not. Ill let you decide for yourselves.

Thanks for reading, good luck.

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