Washing Machine not Spinning?

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If your Washing Machine will not spin or if the drum is not turning during the wash cycle it could be one of the reasons listed below

Motor Brushes ( carbon brushes)

1. Firstly and most commonly it could be that your motor brushes have worn out, and the motor is not turning. It is a simple task to check your brushes just remove them from the motor and look at the end of the carbon if it is very black and burnt it will need replacing and your machine will spin again. The picture below shows how a new brush looks with a long carbon part, and how a worn brush will look with a very short carbon part. On the very odd occasion if the carbon has worn very low it can short circuit the motor and blow a segment out of the armature, if this is the case a new motor is required.

Faulty Belt?

2. This ones fairly obvious, The drive belt could be broken or has come off. Best way to test for this is to turn the drum by hand and if it turns very freely with no resistance and no motor noise then the belt is at fault. If the drum is stiff to turn then you probably have a sock stuck between the drum and tub assembly, in this case you will have to call an engineer.

Blocked Filter Faulty Pump?

 3. If you still have water in the drum at the end of the wash cycle then you either have a blocked filter or your drain pump has failed. Firstly check your filter (if fitted) if that is not the problem switch your machine onto spin and if the pump is at fault you will hear a faint hum, if this is the case your pump will need replacing. The picture below is of the most common type of drain pump (askol) used on washing machines and dishwashers. One other reason is if your drain hose goes to a spout under the sink check it to see if it is blocked  as this will cause the same problem.

Modern Electronic Machines.

4. This one is VERY common to more modern machines that are run by electronics (most machines of 6 years or less). This problem arises when you try to spin one item on its own ie: bath mat, dressing gown ect, you will find that all the water has gone but it has not spun, this is because all modern machines use electronics to run all programs and they measure the drum speed very accurately to stop it doing an unbalanced spin. If you ever have this problem simply open the door and put a large dry bath sheet in with the load and spin it again, you should find it now spins OK.

Speed Control Module.

5. Some electronic speed control modules suffer from poor manufacture and the soldering around the relays can burn thus creating a bad contact and eventually an open circuit. If you are lucky and good with a soldering iron you can clean up the joint and resolder it to repair the module. Machines known for this fault are: Hoover Performa, Indesit machines, Ariston, and some older Whirlpool machines. Most modules are located at the lower back of the machine.

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