Watch Out! Fake Benefit Cosmetics.

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I recently purchased a Benefit Dandelion Blusher from ebay and on receipt discovered it to be fake after comparing it to one bought in a department store. Ebay has become a very unsafe place for the purchase of benefit cosmetics and undoubtedly copies of other high end cosmetics such as MAC are also being sold on ebay.

Here are a few tips to avoid the purchase of a fake benefit items and also the tell tale signs to look out for if you have received a benefit boxed blusher and are uncertain of it's authenticity.

Benefit Dandelion:

1. The box feels slightly lighter than a genuine one.

2. The 'F' in the word Benefit is slanted rather than straight. (This doesn't apply to benefits other blushers though, of which some DO have a curved 'F' like georgia for example).

3. The dandelion on the front of the box has a white rim around the edge on close inspection unlike the real ones.

4. On the back of the box the sticker with the ingredients should have a 'peel here' tab to reveal underneath the ingredients in several different languages, the fake ones DO have the 'peel me' but when you peel you just end up peeling the actual label off because there is no ingredients information underneath.

5. The pink brush is a slightly different shade of pink and the bristles are not as soft as a real one.

6. Inside the box the pink blusher doesn't have the very subtle gold flecks that can be seen in a genuine dandelion blusher under the light.

7. The smell of the powder is noticeably different, more a talcum powdery smell than the usual slightly floral scent.

8. The look of the powder is different, pay attention to this. Upon dabbing some on your finger you will find it is very 'chalky' and 'thick' in consistency, in comparison to the very weightless and sheer look to the genuine dandelion blusher.

I'm sure there are still reputable ebayers out there that aren't involved in the sale of fake benefit goods but you really do need to be careful. Some of the fake sellers have many accounts on ebay too in order to avoid  negative feedback grossly affecting a single account, several accounts means that the negative feedback is more evenly spread out.

Just becuase a seller doesn't have negative feedback isn't a guarantee that the item won't be fake, some of the buyers may not have noticed that their purchase was fake becuase they can be quite convincing, especially if they are benefit virgins!

 I hope this helps ebayers! Happy and Safe Bidding!

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