Watch Out When Reporting Counterfeit Goods To PayPal!

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If you have bought a counterfeit item off from eBay and open up a dispute with Paypal to get a refund, then you will have a very difficult time in getting your money back!

In my 7 years on eBay, I have found that getting a refund from sellers of counterfeit items through Paypal very difficult and stressfull.

At this time of writing this guide (20th September 2008), they currently require for the buyer to prove that the item is fake and not for the seller to prove that the item is qenuine.

Paypal request the buyer to:

a) Send the item off to either the company that made the item or an authorised distributor of the brand in question, asking for them to inspect the item in question and decide wether it is genuine or counterfeit.

b) They than want written confirmation of the decision of the company or
authorised distributor of the brand. This information must include contact details of the company and whom you spoke to about the issue.

They also expect for you to pay for the costs of sending the item to the company or authorised distributor of the brand!

If you are lucky enough that either the company or authorised distributor of the brand to take time out to deal with your query, then you must make sure that they send the item and details back to you within the time limit specified in the dispute.

It is possible to get a refund from Paypal for counterfeit goods, so follow the above advice and cross your fingers.

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