Watch Out for Fraudulent Ebay URLs (web page) L@@K this

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Always Keep an EYE for suspicious urls .

In this guide I just want to warn against the rapid growing suspicious urls (fake ebay websites ) by technically savvy attackers.

*NOTE* Don't mind the spacing in between the addresses, it prevents the address from turning into outside link which is not permitted by ebay.

A typical Ebay URL looks like this:

http:// signin .ebay .com// aw-cgi/ebay ISAPI. dll? SignIn &ssPageName= h:h:sin:US

http:// cgil.ebay .com/ aw-cgi/ebayISAPI. dll? MyEbay

Fraudulent ebay URLs may have most part of the URL above but there will always be something that differentiate it. In most cases it is the "ISAPI" or the "aw-cgi" which may be replaced with something like "|SAP|" or "saaw-cgi" rather than the usual "aw-cgi"

They sometimes desgin an email that looks like ebay URL watch this www . ebay . com @ saaw-cgi. com  look at this closely Is it a really a website or an email address?

I strongly recommend the ebay toolbar with account guard, you really need to see it in action if you enter the fraudulent ebay url by accident. You can download it from the follwing link if you want .

Hope this guide helps you or someone you know.

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