Watch out for Newbies selling loads of expensive items

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It has become very normal thing to eBay and many other similar sites that there are a load of fraudsters ready to use them to prey on innocent buyers looking for a bargain online, When coming to buy on ebay here are a few tips to avoid getting caught into such a World Wide Web of Fraudsters.

  1. Check the sellers date of registration with ebay and make sure they are registered with
  2. Check their feedback anything less than 10 stay away or watch the item you want for a few days to see if the seller gets any good feedbacks to prove that he/she is a genuine seller.
  3. Never jump into a decision to bid just because the item is listed dead cheap like £0.01p, £0.99p!!!!
  4. Never buy from a seller not offering paypal as an option as otherwise you cannot go for a claim later if you were cheated.

If at all you get a Bargain and the item arrives Do the following before leaving a feedback.

  1. Check the item to be genuine and never open it in excitement before checking.
  2. Make sure it is as described on the listing.
  3. Try the item and then if satisfied and as described leave a feedback.

One example "I bought a printer cartridge for my printer at a Bargain price, but................ when it arrived I noticed on inspection that it was not as described. I paid for a 38ml tricolor and here came a 19ml?????? See how people are cheated. Immediately I sent a message to the seller He did not respond until I sent another messages stating that I am going to claim NOT AS DESCRIBED then He immediately dispatched another 19ml."

So watchotu for fraudsters in many forms!!!!

Let us make eBay a safe place for ALL. 


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