Watch out for traders posing as private buyers

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I always thought traders had to be transparant on Ebay, but it seems not.

I recently listed my car on Ebay and it attracted a lot of interest locally and finished at £620.

I was surprised to see that someone 150 miles away had bought my little car.

I got in touch with the buyer and he said he would send a driver down on the train to collect it.

I met the driver at my local train station and he said I will just appraise the car.

Hang on, I thought you bid to buy? He went around the car picking up all little niggles and doing the old plumbers drawing breath through his teeth thing.

He then said £500, I said what ! He said my boss buys theses cars of Ebay and I just collect them and I have to apraise them and then knock money off.

He would not budge on the price and said if I dont sell at £500 he will leave it as he had another car to look at.

I feel this practice is wrong as the buyer bought the car at the winning bid price then offered me £500 on collection.

So be aware who is bidding on your car as maight be a trader looking to haggle you down to make himself a quick buck off your loss.

This is the last time I sell  car on Ebay.

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