Watch type battery buying

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Ebay is a great place to save a lot of money when buying "watch type batteries". For me it is the only place to buy this kind of item from.

When buying "watch type batteries" from a local retailer you could pay anything from £1 upwards, just a pound if you are lucky!
On Ebay you can purchase virtually any size and type of battery you could ever need and for a very low price. I have bought a pack of 10 batteries on Ebay for the price of 1 locally, even including postage and packing.

All you need to do is -
1) On Ebay type in the battery type/number that you are replacing, or that you require,
2) select "cheapest including p+p",
3) select "buy it now",
Now have a read through the listings till you find one that you are happy with.
Its a good idea to have a look at the different sellers feedback scores, especially the percentage - the higher the better. Even then have a read of some of the feedback reviews that previous customers have left. When you find one that you are happy with just click to buy.

There you go. Hope I have helped.
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