Watchdog Forces Changes To Feedback Right Or Wrong

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Im sure you are all awear that the feedback system here on eBay has now changed in favour of the buyer.. A seller may no longer leave a buyer a neutarl or negative feedback there choice is now only positive or don't bother!! what affects does this have on the eBay community? well whether we like it or not there is both good & bad buyers & sellers & after over 2 years of succesfull trading here with a 100% feedback we are now finding ourselves having our feedback being held to ransom buy some sellers who are requesting that we either send them out some more items & give them a refund or they will leave negative feedback for us.. For those of you who have read any of our other guides we will not be bullyed by bad buyers if you have a problem with any of our items we will deal with that & if you take the time to read through our feedback you will see this to be true from comments received, We always advise our buyers to leave feedback bassed on there intire trading experiance with us here on eBay & we also promise never to leave a tit for tat feedback rating our service does not end until the buyer has received there item (in case a claim needs to be made on your behalf!) & that they are completely happy with it then & only then should feedback be done in the order of the seller first then the buyer not the other way round!!

Since The new system started & this was very soon after the BBC watchdog show that commented on this subject we have gone from 1 extreme to another now buyers are holding sellers to ransom as stated in our other guide "is feedback being abused or missused" writon well before the watchdog show! We do believe that the feedback system needs to be looked at but we do not agree that this has been done in the correct manor it would seem that the eBay management was a little frightend by the watchdog show & left running with there tail between there legs & we must ask if as sellers we aproched the BBC watchdog show if we would have the same affect?? Well as a little help with preventing this feedback abuse a seller should be awear that if a buyer even mentions the feedback when trying to resolve a problem the chances are they are using the new feedback systm to there advantige this is a suspendable offence here on eBay & if you do feel you are being help to ranson simply report it to eBay & they will launch an investigation If proved to be correct the buyer will be suspended from eBay & if any feedback has already been left this will be removed, Protect you eBay account rate this guide if you think the old feedback system should be bought back? we think everybody should have the option to leave feedback It takes 2 to trade so don't take away 1 voice!!! if we recive a good responce we may take this issue back to BBC Watchdog on behlf of the sellers so don't forget to click

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