Water Feature Glossary

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A guide to the terms and parts used in a water feature:

Water Feature / Water Fountain
This is the feature itself.

LEDs / Halogen Lights
Many water features will come with lights included, either illuminating the feature from within the base, or lighting the water up at the top.  Some will come with lights built inside the feature, lighting the feature itself.

Sump / Reservoir
This is the reservoir that the feature sits in.  On some features it is a plastic tub that will sit under ground or could be placed inside a container or pot depending on where the feature is sited.  Other water features come with an integral sump that form part of the feature - more useful for indoor features where you generally can't start digging up the floor!

All water features will come with a pump, the size and throughput will depend on the distance and amount the water has to travel.  Generally they will be low voltage and require little electricity to run.  Some pumps can run off solar power alone.

There will usually be a transformer for the pump and, if the water feature comes with them a seperate one for the lights.  The transformer converts the electrical current into the correct voltage for the pump & lights.  They are usually no bigger than a packet of butter and can be hidden away easily.  Some of the newer features will come with one transformer that runs both the lights and pump together.

Usually you will get around 10m of cable for both the lights and the water pump.  No wiring required!  The cable simply plugs into the transformer on one end and the plug socket the other.  If you are needing an outdoor socket it must be installed by a qualified electrician, a simple job but one that must be got right.

Although the majority of the water features are straight forward to set up, a simple set of instructions should be provided to make sure you connect everything up correctly, the water pump will also often come with its own leaflet and maintenance information.
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