Water Filter Kit Buying Guide

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Water Filter Kit Buying Guide

Investing in a water filter ensures access to clean drinking water irrespective of its source, although different kinds of filtering techniques work against different kinds of waterborne contaminants. When buying a water filter kit, identifying the right type is crucial, as is establishing the impurities one wants to remove.


Carbon Filter Undersink

An undersink water filter kit might require professional installation. It connects directly to the water line, just under the sink, and remains out of sight. Such units require minimal maintenance, but users have to replace the carbon filters from time to time. With such a filter kit in place, users can look forward to water free of sediment, organic contaminants, odours, toxins, and chlorine. A typical one would include the filter, a mains connector, an inline connector, connecting pipe, and mounting brackets. The size of the inline filter has a direct bearing on the output flow, where bigger units normally deliver water faster in comparison to smaller units. Some kits also include matching taps for better aesthetics. These taps come in finishes like stainless steel, chrome, and matt black. Swivel taps offer increased functionality.


Reverse Osmosis Undersink

While a reverse osmosis undersink kit also connects to the waterline under the sink, the technology it uses is different. Typical ones rely on different stages that include passing water through sediment filters, RO membranes, and carbon or carbon block filters. These alternatives are more effective than simple carbon filter models. In addition to regular contaminants, they remove hardness forming minerals, heavy metals, nitrates, and phosphates, thereby making the resultant water taste considerably better.


Tap Filter Kit

People who do not wish to spend too much should think about getting tap drinking water filter kits. Such kits are easy to install and fit most standard taps. Look for units that allow quick switching between tap and filtered water. While a typical carbon filter alternative removes chlorine, sediment, organic contaminants, and odours, buyers looking for increased protection should opt for coconut carbon alternatives. Coconut carbon, a natural gemstone, offers protection against contaminants like parasites, algae, heavy metals, organic contaminants, chlorine, giardia, and cryptosporidium.


For Side-by-side Refrigerators

People who have American style side-by-side refrigerators can replace their water filter kits to continue getting clean drinking water directly from the fridge. Since models differ, pay attention to compatibility. Good fridge water filter kits eliminate or minimise the presence of contaminants like lead, chlorine, mercury, asbestos, cysts, benzene, and dust particulate. They also work in removing odours and bad tastes. Six months is about as long as users get before they have to replace these filters again.

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