Watermark Pictures Quick in Paint Shop Pro Guide

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Watermarking Tutorial for Paintshop Pro

A common theme, and problem is that people are seeing others stealing their pictures and using them on their own products, or in some case, non-existent products, and naturally there is a cause to protect those pictures. Especially when you spend a long time making sure you get the 'perfect' picture for your item.
A good picture, sells a good product for more. 100% Fact.
What I'm going to show you now, is how to use a program like Jasc Paintshop Pro 9.0(Although this should work just the same in 8.0 and Corel's X) to quickly automate your pictures, so that you can watermark an entire directory of pictures, within 10 seconds using a "batch process". All it takes is a bit of setting up to do first, and is fairly simple.

Creating Your Watermarking Script

There are a few ways to create a standard watermark picture. For this tutorial we will show you how to use formatted text as your watermark
1. Click File>>Open and open up a sample image, you are best using an image that is around the standard size of picture you upload.
2. Click on File>>Script>>Start Recording.
3. Click the A icon on the left hand side to create some text. In the text box that appears, hold down your ALT key(to the left of the spacebar) and while holding ALT down, press the numbers 0 1 6 9 on the keypad and release ALT to make a © and type your UserID next to it. Select your text(click and drag over the text) and check the top bar to see if the stroke width is 1.0, and then at the right hand side of the screen, let's use black for the Foreground and Stroke properties(Upperleft Colour box) and White for background and fill properties(Bottomright box). You can use any combination of colours you like, but black and white will usually give the most professional look. Also select the font you want to use. I'm going to use Rockwell Extra Bold for this tutorial.
4. Click Apply and using the squares you can stretch your text to fit nicely across your picture, you don't need much height, but enough width to cover the image. Once you are happy, click the top menu, Objects>>Align>>Center in Canvas to put it bang in the middle.
5. The Final Step: In the layers box(to the right, or if its not there press F8 to show it) right click on the current layer(should be called Vector 1) and select Properties. Drag the Opacity down to 30%(A good non-obtrusive level) and you're done.
6. Click File>>Script>>Save Recording and save it where you can find it(ScriptsRestricted is normal) and call it watermark. You now have a watermarking script and will never have to repeat the steps above for your pictures.

Batch Application of the Watermark

1. With Paintshop open, select File>>Batch>>Process
2. Click browse to find and select ALL the pictures you want to apply the watermark to and click Select.
3. Select the checkbox Use Script and in the dropdown menu select watermark(the script you created above).
4. In Save Mode select New Type and in Save Options, select JPEG. I also like to keep the original picture myself and simply make a new file with the watermark on, so to do this click the Modify button to the right of the text field 'New file name', Add Document Name and Add Custom Text. In the Custom Text field type in wtrmrk or something to identify which is the watermarked picture.
5. Click Start and your new watermarked pictures will be created.
Here's a sample picture using EXACTLY the steps used above.

Understandably not everyone has a copy of Jasc Paintshop Pro, but you should be able to convert this method for use in other decent graphics programs such as Photoshop et al.
Okay, thats very cool and funky, and pretty easy to do, and is near impossible to remove, but if you don't have a graphics program, but you do have the standard Paint in Windows, we can still pull off a similar effect. However Paint does not have the ability to do scripting or batch processing, so you will have to repeat this process for every picture you "watermark", and is a hell of a lot more unattractive, within Paint, merely create text across your image and try to make it as least obstructive as you can whilst not allowing it to simply be 'cut off' by someone stealing your picture.
All in all, Low Opacity Text makes the best method to prevent theft of your pictures and is ten times better than the Javascript code that can disable right click on your auctions. The problem with disabling right click, is that there are LOTS of genuine reasons why buyers want to use rightclick on your auction page, and if you disable it, NOT only will you lose buyers and bids, but chances are your picture will be stolen anyway, and javascript is not allowed in auctions, and any old competitor could report your auctions to have them removed.  With a watermark the only thing they can steal is a picture with your name all over it that is next to impossible to remove. More than likely they'll look elsewhere for a picture to steal, which is what you want.

A trial of Paintshop Pro is available from the corel website.

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