Ways to make quick sales on eBay

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Although most eBay sellers shy from asking for money or an immediate order, it remains the best way to maximise profits in the shortest possible time.

It's a trick commonly used by top copywriters to create a sense of urgency. Such a statment is referred to as a 'call to action' and a strong 'call to action' will get your potential customers to request more information about a product or even buy right away.

Asking for the sale, with your call to action, doesn’t have to be rude, or intrusive, and can be accomplished with a single phrase in your listing or its title or sub-title, such as:

  • Buy Now While the Discount Lasts
  • Buy Now While Stocks Last
  • Buy Today and Get Another One Free
  • Bid Now, Before Someone Beats You To It
  • Only Two Left – Buy Now While Stocks Last
  • Buy Now and Get (XXXX) Free – Lasts This Week Only! (Try to make that freebie something people might buy in its own right but can’t because it’s only available as a freebie)
More Ways to Generate Quick Sales and Impulse Buys
  • Put your product on auction for ten days at the same price the product is available from your eBay shop. Inside the listing, before you even mention the product say: ‘Click HERE to visit my shop and buy at the same price right now without having to wait for the auction to end and without losing out to higher bidders’
  • Sell BUY IT NOW but only for products you’ve tested and know their optimum price (the price most commonly achieved at previous auction listings for the item). Buy It Now is a great way to generate impulse buys and can be offered independently or alongside the auction option. When I had trouble selling my cufflinks at auction, starting price £9.99, I uploaded them BUY IT NOW for £9.99. They quickly sold and meant I could relist several times each week instead of waiting for seven day auctions to end.
  • A visitor who finds your product isn’t quite what he wants right now might be interested in other items you already have or might source later. How do you stop that person moving away and looking elsewhere to buy? Simple: add something like: ‘If this isn’t what you are looking for, email me with your requirements and I’ll see if we have suitable items in stock. Contact me through my About Me page’. The About Me page incidentally, is the only place you are allowed to provide out of eBay contact details.

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