Ways to use Artificial Berries in Floral Arrangements

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Ways to use Artificial Berries in Floral Arrangements

Artificial berries add a splash of colour and texture to floral arrangements and last much longer than real berries. They are also popular in seasonal arrangements for winter and winter holidays. Learning how to use artificial berries in floral arrangements allows budding florists and DIY decorators to make arrangements that look real and last long.


Use Artificial Berries to Add Texture

The shape and feel of berries breaks up the monotony of an arrangement that looks completely uniform in texture. Sprigs of berries for giving texture should be the last addition to the arrangement, along with other filler flowers and materials that fill in the gaps between the focal points of the arrangement. Choosing berries in the primary colour of the arrangement keeps them from drawing attention away from the focal points. However, many creative ways of using berries in contrasting colours also exist, and the only limit is your imagination.


Use Berries to Add Colour

Artificial berries are useful for adding vibrant colour to a bouquet or centrepiece that is mainly a single colour. Red berries in a mostly green arrangement is perhaps the most common example, but white berries with purple flowers or green berries with white flowers also make for stunning combinations. As artificial berries come in a variety of colours and sizes, intersperse them in the arrangement to add highlights in a secondary colour that does not take attention away from the focal points. Alternatively, use artificial berries to fill a transparent vase or bowl that holds a matching floral arrangement.


Artificial Berries as the Focal Point

Artificial berries do not have to act as filler material in floral arrangements and in fact hold their own quite well as the focus point. Use clusters of brightly coloured berries surrounded by leaves or green branches that form a backdrop. Long branches of berries may even stand alone in a tall vase, without flowers or other filler. Sprigs of artificial berries are excellent for setting the shape of a floral arrangement, with a few clusters set as focal points. Other flowers or branches in neutral colours like green or white may act as filler.


Berries in Winter Floral Arrangements

Berries play a large part in winter floral arrangements simply because they are colourful and common in cold weather. Artificial holly berries in particular are ideal for wreaths and other floral Christmas decorations. Literally hundreds of wreath variations exist, from those with very few berries to those made entirely of berries. For a slightly non-traditional wreath, use a mixture of blue and red berries. Berries with tea lights in crystal glasses make a beautiful table decoration for holiday dinners.

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