We Buy Any Car.com RIP OFF!!!!

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Ladies and gentlmen,boys and girls....here is a cautionary tail,one that you need to read,if you want a good deal on your car.

I have a car that i want to dispose of.....I have disposed of cars on e-bay and i have had nothing but praise for the customers and e-bay's perfoemance within any transactions that have taken place.BUT...

if you are considering selling a car on E-bay,i personally would go for it...after all what have you got to loose???well i thought out of interest i would try WeBuyAnyCar.com to see if i could get an idea of how much my car is worth if e-bay failed......WHAT A DISSAPOINTMENT!!!! webuyanycar.com will only pay £50.00 for any car thats in between 5-15 years old...and thats only if you have a years mot and tax on the car...otherwise they offer to dispose of the car for you.the selling transaction cost £50.00 per week to advertise with them...so even if your car sold you would get nothing for the transaction except misery.E-bay however charge £12.00 on average for a weeks advertisement and if it doesn't sell first time,they offer a refund on you final valuation fees if it sells a second time around.

Now my car is a toyota carina E the 2.0litre with everything you would expect,electric everything,its bodywork is perfect and has new wheels and tyres..I KNOW for a fact this car is worth £750.00 of anybody's money...but this other website has offered £50.00 for a perfect running,car witha years ticket on it.....So if you want to get ripped off try;-Webuyanycar.com...but if you want a decent price,try E-BAY!!!!!!!!!!

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