Wear a gumshield? This is a MUST read!

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I myself am a martial artist and had not thought of this. 

Wearing a gumshield has the possibility to be pretty risky due to the bacteria in your mouth, which will then fester in your gumshield fr the next few days/week until you put it back in your mouth!

Apparently a number of people have become dangerously ill from this, to help reduce risks follow these tips:


  • Rinse thoroughly with water before and after each use.
  • Rinse with a strong antiseptic mouth wash once per week (this is something I have devised -I think- myself - gives it a fresh taste and will kill a lot of bacteria).
  • Doctors have said that gumshields should be cahnged every 2 weeks to stay extra safe but obviously this is not feesible for the majority, however aim to get a fresh one as often as possible!
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