Website builders who to go to?

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Website builders

Who to go to for a new website.

Yep me again this time not only giving a quick guide but begging people not to buy pre made websites from ebay and I mean the premade not the people selling a site that needs to be built to your specifications!!

Firstly do you want a professional built sight??

Do you want to be able to have exactly what you want the way that you want it??

Do you want support whilst and after your site has been built??

Do you want a reliable service with reliable domains AND hosting??

Having problems finding someone that doesnt charge a fortune during the build and after??

Alot of eBay website builders make the sites and then sell them on, they are pre made, static and not individual. This is a long way away from being proffessional in fact it can also breech copywrites on other peoples sites and you could end up having problems that you havent paid for. If you want a proffessional sight go to a proffessional from scratch builder. There are many website builders out there but we recommend one in particular.

A prebuilt site probably wont have everything you want on it and there will be things you do not like, having it built proffessionally gives you the flexibility to have EVERYTHING you want the way you want it.

Support during and after your site has been built is very important, most pre built sites are just that prebuilt and sold on, no help no advise and no aftercare.

A fully paid for and registered domain and hosting will help you immensly even if the hosting is only for a limited time it will help you get to grips with how to look after your site and the builder should be able to supply this without argument for a small cost or none at all.

Finally we get to the price, yes I know you probably think the cheaper the package the better off you are. In fact quite often the cheaper the package the worse off you are. This definatly applies to prebuilt sites after all most of them are around £2.00 on eBay exactly what do you think you are getting for your money?? A template!! thats the answer just a domain and template absolute waste of time money and dissapointment to the buyer.

One of the companies we reccommend is currently building our site of of eBay you are welcome to visit our holding page, the companies eBay username is rhcomputerbuilds.

Dont forget to vote on this guide.... thank you for reading and good luck on your website.
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