Website buying guide - pitfalls and highs

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1. Templates- Under the businesses for sale section will will see hundreds of websites for sale all offering a very similar product i.e. e-commerce, online classifieds, dating etc. Most of these are copies of templates which means that the market has been flooded with them - Before purchasing one of these think very carefully about whether you would use it or not.

2. Google adsense. Potentially very lucrative however lets think about this why would anyone sell a website that once set up was easy to maintain and wa making money. That doesn't make sense (excuse the pun)

3. Submit your website to x no. of search engines. You can do this for free on the internet anyway

4. SEO - some sellers offer to sell unique copy for your website. This I find absurd...It's your website - surely you should know what to write about better than a random person on ebay (how ever well qualified)

5. This point relates to point 1. The reason sellers are selling these websites is generally that they are resellers of the hosting which you are using to host the website. Thus they are actually getting paid £5 each month (not the £20 you just paid for the website)

6. Script CDs. I have purchase one of these over ebay and it was very useful - Probably not that good for someone who knows little about scripting though as they usually require a lot of modifying to get them to do what you want them to

7. Automated hits to your website - Why would you do this? I don't understand why you would want a) a computer hitting you website or b) visitors that are getting paid and stay on your site for less than a second!

8. Template CDs. Again I have purchased one of these from ebay I have found it of much use. Easy to setup and look good

This information that I have given is as impartial as possible. Manager of Jamie.  

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