Wedding Stationery - to make or not to make?

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The million dollar question!


There's a simple rule:

Make -

Pro's - saves you oodles of cash (will cost you a 1/4) of what you pay for good quality printed or handcrafted stationery.  Which is a big bonus in most peoples eyes, and leaves you with money to spend in other ways, like on yourselves! :)

Con's - You have to be or have to hand someone fairly talented and if it's not perfect then everyone receiver will note it and be commenting on it!   Plus, takes ages and ages to do, your looking at setting aside a month if your working and that's doing it every night!  So be prepared for the hard slog, and remember making one might have been very enjoyable but will you have the same enthusiasm 100 invites later?  There is a reason why wedding stationery costs!

Buy -

Pro's - You get to call the shots, you have exactly what you want (particularly if it is tailor made/handcrafted), when you want it and are clear with the total costs and time periods for delivery from the start.  A thoroughly professional finish that all your guest will revel about - remember your invites are the first impression that they get of your day and of a souvenier to take away afterwards - a lasting memory - so make it a good one.                                                                      One or two meetings with your designer or stockist later and you just wait for delivery!  Means a nice easy thing to tick off your list, and if you get them personally designed you get the bonus of hearing about loads of tips and ideas for the rest of your day and how it can come together - well after all you are paying for it so cash in, ask away!

Con's -

Can be very expensive (obviously depending on your chosen design), but I suppose you pay for what you get.


At the end of the day there is a lot of organising and preparations to make your dream day come together, so if you don't have the time be realistic about it and except the cost of products you want to make your day (no matter what they are).  And we all have budgets too even the queen so be realistic about what you can afford.

But rememeber............ [ VERY IMPORTANT ] this applies for everything!

You and your future partner only have ONE day, so make it your day and pull all the stops out as this is the very occassion that becomes a treasured memory for years to come in not only your eyes but those closest to you too.  You only have one chance so take a chance, trust me it'll be worth it.

Llinos O'Brien

Creative Designer of


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