Wedding favours, How to and what to do

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Wedding Favours


A wedding favour is a small gift given as a token of thanks to the guests from the bride and groom, commonly during a wedding reception.

favours are available in so many styles and themes that choices are only limited to imagination! Todays brides tend to select based on a theme of colours.

Many couples like to personalise the gifts with their names and dates so the guests can remeber the occasion. some of these ideas can include personalised pens, wedding flowers, seed packets, trinket boxes, candles and even personalised cameras.

The tradition of giving out wedding favours is an old one. the first favour was known as a bomboniere.

the bomboniere was a small gift box made from crystal or precious stones.

The contents of these boxes were sugar cubes or sweet confections, which symbolised wealth. remember sugar was expensive and treasured among the well off. It was also thought that sugar had some medicinal benefits.

As the sugar price dropped the giving of gifts to guests was taken up by the general population and not just the well off. So because sugar was more affordable, bombonieres were replaced with almonds, which were given to guests to signify well wishes on the bridegrooms new life.

Further on, almond coated with sugar, known as confetti were made. confetti soon changed to jordan almonds which later changed again to the traditional favour made for modern day weddings.

traditionally five Jordan almonds are given in a gift box or wrapped in pretty fabric to represent fertility, longevity, health, wealth and happiness.

The bitterness of the almond and the sweetness of the coating represents the bitter sweetness of marriage!

Today these gifts to guests are simply known as favours, and they have become a fun but necessary part of wedding planning.


There are so many different styles of favour it can be very confusing at first.

Here at Crystals & Silk you will find a few types. These include

Traditional tulle net favours

Organza bags

Mini Gift bags

Shaped boxes

Printed boxes

Lotto ticket holders

Special pocketed ribbon holders

& More The list goes on and on.


This looks far more complicated than it actually is, and you can,  as i did, get your bridesmaids or friends to help you, it can be great fun and also gives you chance for a wedding chat with them

Firstly you need to choose your nets. they can be simple nets in maybe 2 colours , or slightly fancier with a scalloped or satin edge in several colours. It really is up to you.

Next, decide which filling you are going to use. Will you go with traditional almonds? remember some people have nut allergies so you can opt for almond 'shaped' chocolates, or chocolate dragees, mint imperials etc.

All you need do next is choose a co-ordinating ribbon and maybe a small wired flower.

I prefer to use wired flowers or wired jewels as it helps keep everything together.

Now the fun part!, take three or four nets, depending on how full you want them, and place five sweets in the centre. now simply draw up the nets into a pouch. At this point you can secure using a small elastic.

I now like to wrap the wire stem around the neck of the favour a few times to secure it.

Then simply tie your ribbons around to hide any wire or elastic. Fluff up the net and hey presto.

I hope this guide has been fun to read as well as informative. You may have gained a few more ideas.

Why not visit our shop for a full range of supplies!

Good Luck!

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