West End shows & a nice day out

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if you are thinking about going to a West End show please read the following.

We will rock you

Fantastic show - the main singer was an absoulute joy, really strong voice, and sung the Queen songs with a real passion, the actual story line was not all that great, but well worth seeing if only for her.


Mama Mia

We really enjoyed this show, the set is nothing compared to "we will rock you" but to be honest - that really doesn't matter, its a truly fantastic performance, with some very funny moments, mine was when they were in the flippers !  Everyone knows ABBA and everyone knows the songs, this show will really getting you tapping your toes & maybe even dancing in the aisles!  If it dosen't then you need to check your pulse.



Go to the Ritz for a cream tea, its superb, all the sandwiches you can eat. It's not that expensive considering your in London & at the Ritz, I really can't recommend this place enough, your sure to score brownie points by taking anyone here. 



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