What Are The Advantages Of LED Lighting?

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Over the last few years LED technology has been developing rapidly, and is now available in almost every type of lighting you can think of! Whether it is lighting for weddings, celebrations, Christmas or commercial displays, You can now enjoy spectacular lighting displays without a large electricity bill!
LED’s have many advantages over standard filament bulbs, below are the main ones:
• Use up to 90% less energy
• Three times brighter than traditional fairy lights
• Cool to touch and do not get hot
• Longer lasting than normal Christmas lights
• Ultra vivid colours available
• LED’s are hard and durable plastic components with no filament to break
• You do not require spare bulbs


LED Lights are now available in almost every product range. LED icicle lights have become a hugely popular product line, available in a variety of imaginative colours and producing a gorgeous effect on the top of your house and overhanging windows. For indoor decoration you can use led fairy light which are safe, low voltage, fun and run cool. To ensure your wedding day is extra special, curtain & net lights in LED are fantastic for marquees, small bushes and topiary trees. If you want you’re lighting to be bright, flexible, twinkling and at an unbeatable price then the best option is LED rope light in a clear tube. If you want a beautiful garden display use outdoor LED string lights on bushes, fences, hedges conservatories and there are many colours for sale!


Strip Lighting is a very bright, ultra slim lighting product that installs in minutes. RGB strip light is some times referred to as multi colour light and suits many applications indoor or outdoor, including modern kitchens, bathrooms, staircases, living rooms, bookshelves and even underneath glass tables. Businesses use strip lights in promotional signs, on buildings or in offices anywhere that requires stunning low energy highlighting.
LED light bulbs are now replacing standard halogen bulbs for nightclub, restaurant and hotel lighting. Our main product line for this is festoon lighting, which uses actual lightbulbs. These come in both a E27 and B22 lamp fitting, and will pay for themselves by saving up to 90% in energy consumption and lasting 10 times longer.

As LED’s use so little energy it allows the customer to purchase connectable Christmas or Fairy lights up to 2400 LED lamps (240 metres) all from one plug with many twinkling effects. You can create spectacular displays with our low voltage LED connectable light system that you friends and family will be most envious of!
Make your display bright, modern, low cost and most important of all environmentally friendly!
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