What Are Your Options When Cleaning A Brick Fireplace?

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Cleaning your brick fireplace is notably not one of the most exciting jobs to be done but when the time comes you want to make sure that you have the right option and tools to complete the job. With many different products available on the market for cleaning fireplaces you need to be sure that the solution you choose is suitable for your brick fireplace and for use in your home.
Trisodium Phosphate - Also known as TSP this substance is a very powerful chemical often used in stubborn cleaning tasks and chores. Used as a cleaner, degreaser and stain remover it needs to be used carefully as it can leave marks on the brick surface. As TSP is such a powerful substance a lot of protective clothing is required, including safety goggles or glasses and extra clothing. The strength of the chemical can cause irritation and burns on the skin so covering up is essential when using TSP. The results can be impressive but it can take a lot of scrubbing to remove tough patches.
Ammonia - Also used in a lot of cleaning materials Ammonia is also a chemical that needs to be used with care. Protective garments including safety goggles and gloves are essential for using this substance. Ammonia can have positive effects on the removal of stubborn stains but the effect could be detrimental on old brickwork. A drawback of using ammonia is that it often needs to be left for up to an hour to work its magic. This means that your home is open to ammonia fumes for a lengthy period of time. Consequently making ammonia an undesirable solution in a family home.
Non Toxic - Using non toxic cleaning materials doesn't mean jeopardising effective results. When using the right substance, such as Soot Buster, the results can match and improve upon the results provided by toxic chemical solutions. Development time for non toxic fireplace cleaners is a fraction of the time of harmful competitors with just a few minutes compared to an hour. In addition the lack of toxins suppresses the possibility of any toxic fumes emitting into your home and is safer to use around your family. The absence of harmful substances also means that no additional protective clothing or ventilation is needed to complete the task.
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