What Are the Advantages of Extended-Life Phone Batteries?

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What Are the Advantages of Extended-Life Phone Batteries?

When buying a mobile phone handset, there are a variety of different factors that people consider to be important. Since modern phones offer a host of features and functions, someone's personal criteria will often be fairly unique. However, one important element that everyone needs to think about will be the phone's battery life. All of us will have been in that frustrating situation where a phone dies at a critical moment - when in the middle of an important phone call, this is particularly annoying. There are several things that can be done to help to extend the life of any particular phone, and one of these is to buy extended-life batteries.

The Advantages of Extended-Life Batteries

Extended life batteries are pretty much as they sound - batteries that last longer than the regular battery sold by the phone provider and manufacturer. The primary advantage of these batteries is pretty clear; they provide an extended charge for the phone. There are other considerations with this type of battery, however, which also have to be taken into account.

Extended Charge

The entire purpose of the extended battery is to provide additional charge for the user. Batteries tend to wear down over time, and after several hundred charges, many batteries will lose charge extremely quickly. An extended battery will, therefore, help to solve this issue by ensuring the phone is sufficiently charged throughout the course of the day. The additional charge provided by the battery will vary depending on the battery itself, the phone, and the functions being used. Obviously, this is hugely beneficial for heavy mobile phone users and, in particular, those who will not have access to power sources to charge their phone through the day.


Extended batteries will generally be bigger than regular batteries. Naturally, this is important to hold the extra cells for that additional power. Often they will, therefore, stick out of the back of the phone a little bit. For some, this can be off-putting, but with many brands, these batteries will be made to fit in perfectly with the look of the phone. As such, the battery won't look completely out of place and will, in fact, match the aesthetic of the phone itself.


Extended life batteries will be made to work with certain makes and models of phone. Since different phone brands have batteries of different shapes and sizes, extended life batteries will need to be made to fit perfectly in particular phones. Generally, batteries will work with most phones made by a particular brand. For example, most Samsung phones will take Samsung batteries. As such, anyone who gets an upgraded phone by the same brand may still be able to use the battery with it. When changing to a completely different phone, however, the battery is unlikely to fit.


When anyone buys a phone, it will come with an OEM battery. This stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, and simply means that the battery is made by the same manufacturer who made the phone. As such, well known manufacturers will create longer lasting batteries that will work with their phones, as mentioned above. These will be high quality, will often come with guarantees, and will be unlikely to leak, burn out, or swell up. On top of this, however, non-OEM batteries will be made by third party manufacturers. This gives the consumer a great deal of choice as there will be a variety of manufacturers creating batteries that are compatible with various phones. This greater choice gives the consumer the ability to find a battery that will fit their personal needs better. For example, two people looking for batteries that offer an additional 20 per cent of charge, or 100 per cent of charge will be able to find appropriate options with a little research, depending on their preferences.


Depending on the manufacturer, extended-life batteries can be bought at low prices. Non-OEM batteries will invariably cost less, but can still provide levels of quality that match their branded counterparts. While cheaper batteries can be found, however, it isn't advisable to choose a battery based on this alone. The spec of the battery should always be considered first and foremost, and research needs to be done to ensure that the battery delivers on its promises. Thankfully, reading customers reviews will help to quickly show whether a battery is worth its price or not.


Using extended batteries as replacements is a great idea, particularly for heavy users. When the regular battery starts to run down, the extended battery can then be plugged in to see the phone through until it reaches a mains, car, or portable charger. Extended-life batteries are also very useful for long trips, such as plane and train journeys, where there is no access to a power socket or any other means of charging the phone. Rather than seeing the battery run out half way through a flight, for example, an extended charger will keep it sufficiently provided with power for the duration of the journey. This is particularly important when using a phone for entertainment purposes while travelling: such functions as video streaming and game playing tend to drain the battery fairly quickly.

Other Options

For those who don't want to add a heavier and bulkier battery to their phone, there are other options to look at when seeking that extra bit of charge. One such option is to simply buy a portable power pack. These can be very small and sleek, and they will help re-power any phone over the course of an hour or two. The amount of charge they provide will depend on the power of the pack, ranging from providing an additional percentage charge of 30 or 40 per cent, all the way up to providing a dozen or so full recharges before the pack needs to be recharged itself. Another option is to get a charging case. For example, anyone with an iPhone can get a charging case that will provide extra charge through the day. Solar powered chargers are also excellent for this reason, although they do need access to regular sunlight, and hand crank chargers can be useful in complete emergencies, only requiring a bit of muscle power to give the phone some much needed energy.


Extended-life batteries are excellent for those who use their phones a lot, especially for battery draining functions. They can either be used as primary batteries, or replacements, and they come in ranges, which provide smaller charge increases, or much larger ones.

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