What Are the Appropriate Measures to Maintain a Sedan?

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What Are the Appropriate Measures to Maintain a Sedan?

A sedan or saloon car is a passenger car in a three-box configuration with A, B, and C pillars, also referred to as 'posts', and major volumes rendered in three distinct compartments for cargo, passenger, and engine. Two rows of seats are a common feature of the passenger compartment in a sedan. It also has enough space for adult passengers in the rear compartment. With the exception of some rear-engined models like Tatra T613, Renault Dauphine, and Volkswagen Type-3, the cargo compartment is in the rear of a sedan.

Preliminary knowledge of sedans, the appropriate measures to maintain them, and the various buying considerations are necessary for a buyer to make an intelligent and informed purchasing decision. Sedans can be acquired from automotive dealers as well as online. For example, eBay features a large collection of sedans in a number of models and styles for all types of buying tastes.

Recommended Maintenance Schedule for a Sedan

Sedans, just like other cars, require proper maintenance to perform up to standards. Keeping up maintenance responsibilities can prolong the life of one's vehicle. A great way of handling maintenance is to keep a maintenance log or schedule so that important inspections are not overlooked. Consistency is the key here. A user should develop a habit of regular inspection and set milestones. Maintaining a record of the inspections that includes repair details is also recommended. A maintenance schedule for a sedan should consist of checking the car for any signs of wear and tear, checking and changing the oil, and evaluating the simple functions of the car. These appropriate measures to maintain a sedan are inevitable and must not be taken lightly.

A buyer should also keep in mind the limits of the various mechanical and non-mechanical parts for their optimal performance. Every 5,600 to 6,400 km, the crankcase oil filter and fluid should be changed. Every 24,000 km, the brake friction material, drive belts, brake lines, hoses, and automatic transmission fluid require thorough inspection, and the cabin air filter needs to be replaced. Every 48,000 km, the air filter element needs to be replaced. For proper maintenance of a saloon car, oil needs to be changed at regular intervals.

This schedule should be continued for the proper maintenance of a sedan. At 97,000 km, the cooling system requires draining, flushing, and refilling. At this stage, owners should also inspect the fuel hoses, exhaust system, vapour lines, and emission system. At 145,000 km, these inspections should be repeated, and this schedule should be continued. At 161,000 km, the sedan may need a tune-up. Spark plugs should be replaced at this stage.

How to Save Gas in a Sedan

Gas is a regular expense for vehicle owners, and prices are often sky high. Fortunately, there are a few ways to reduce the gas consumption in a sedan. Keeping these tips and tricks in mind can save one a lot of money in the long run. The use of brakes is an important aspect to consider. Using brakes only when required is generally recommended. One should always keep the proper driving distance between the next car, let up on the accelerator at a signal, and accelerate slowly, even if the sedan has the ability to hit 60 mph in a few seconds.

For sedans that come with both automatic and manual transmissions, the manual shift vehicle allows one to shift into neutral when idling and use overdrive gears when possible. One should also take advantage of the cruise control to maintain speed and accelerate less.

The weight of a sedan is also a factor that affects gas consumption. The lighter a car, the less gas it consumes. Therefore, one should try to keep the weight of a sedan as low as possible and remove any extra load from the boot. Checking the air in the tyres is also necessary. If there is any problem with tyre pressure, the tyre should be repaired as soon as possible. Tyre maintenance is an important part of the overall maintenance of a sedan.

For urban areas, it is always recommended to drive the speed limit. It is not only safer, but it can save a person some gas money. Interestingly, on some roads with stop lights, the lights are timed, and this allows one to hit more green lights when driving the speed limit. Speeding, on the other hand, may take one to the next red light, and speed does not always mean saving time, especially in urban areas with signals.

Another interesting observation is that the gas tank should be filled during cooler times of day when the gas is denser in order to get more gas for the money spent. Overfilling the tank is also not recommended.

Comparison of Four-Door Sedans

Sedans come in various shapes and sizes, including full-size, mid-size, compact, and subcompact. The choice and priority of features one wants to have in a sedan are different for different people. For some people, the stereo system is the most important buying consideration, while a smooth ride is the most important thing for others. There are others who look for comfortable seating and energy efficiency. It is a safe assumption that personal preferences matter more than anything else when it comes to making a purchasing decision.

When comparing one's buying options, the first logical step is to determine the 'need' and any specific features one is particularly interested in, along with features that do not matter as much. At times, a buyer may have to decide whether he or she cares more about the size of a sedan or the fuel efficiency, for example. Such factors play a vital role in the decision making process. It is also recommended for a buyer to do some research and compare numerous models to gain some insight.

A general trend with sedans is that the subcompact sedans, such as Nissan Versa, Smart, and Chevrolet Aveo, have better fuel efficiency, but the ride comfort does not match that of a compact sedan, such as Chevrolet Cobalt, Honda Civic, Hyundai Elantra, or Toyota Corolla. In full-size saloon cars, such as the Mercury Grand Marquis and Lincoln Town Car, the fuel economy is sacrificed for luxuries like navigation systems, multimedia displays, and automatic climate control.

The following table compares some popular saloon cars of 2013. One vehicle from each of four popular sedan manufacturers is used for illustrative purposes. A buyer should do sedan-specific research before making a decision.


2013 Ford Focus

2013 Honda Civic

2013 Hyundai Elantra

2013 Lexus ES 350

MSRP ($)





Base Engine

2.0 L

1.8 L

1.8 L

3.5 L

Fuel Capacity

12.4 gal.

13.2 gal.

12.8 gal.

17.2 gal.


160 hp @ 6500 rpm

140 hp @ 6500 rpm

148 hp @ 6500 rpm

268 hp @ 6200 rpm


5-speed manual

5-speed automatic

6-speed shiftable automatic

6-speed shiftable automatic

The final choice of a sedan depends on the preferences of an individual and the allocated budget. The table only provides a rough idea of the variants one should keep in mind when making a decision.

How to Buy a Sedan on eBay

When it comes to shopping for a vehicle on eBay, it is a good idea to start looking for a sedan in your area. This can be done by simply entering your postcode as a filter in your search results. Otherwise, delivery costs for a vehicle may be unaffordable. It is better if you can drive away in the vehicle of your choice as soon as the transaction is successfully processed. If you cannot find anything locally, you can then search in other locations.

The eBay home page is a great place to begin the search. Enter a relevant query based on the type of car you would like to find to see the relevant results. For some search terms, eBay also suggests some related searches to facilitate the buying process and help buyers find the right products in no time. You can always filter the results based on your personal likes and dislikes by simply selecting various options. Do not forget to go through the feedback and reviews for a seller before placing an order. That information gives you better insight into the business practices of the various sellers.


A saloon car or sedan is simply a passenger car in a three-box configuration. These vehicles are designed to transport families or other small groups of people in a comfortable, fuel-efficient manner. Separate compartments are included for passengers and cargo. The passenger compartment generally features two rows of seats, with the rear compartment offering enough space to accommodate adult passengers. The cargo compartment is typically at the rear side of a sedan. These cars come in various sizes, including full-size, mid-size, compact, and subcompact. Each category of sedan has its own pros and cons, and personal preferences tend to matter the most when buying a sedan.

Knowledge of the various types of sedans and the recommended measures for maintaining a sedan, along with utilisation of various tips and tricks for saving gas, can help ensure buyers enjoy driving these vehicles for years without worrying about frequent issues. As far as online sources, eBay features a diverse collection of sedans in numerous models, styles, and colours. Local auto dealers are also certain to offer large collections of sedans.

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