What Are the Best Concert Seats in the Wiltshire Music Centre

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What Are the Best Concert Seats in the Wiltshire Music Centre

The Wiltshire Music Centre is not the largest or even the newest music hall in England. This modest music hall is actually only able to hold a crowd of 300, and while it is not exactly old, it was built in 1998 and is far from new. However, music lovers know that when it comes to finding an excellent music hall, history and style are of little importance in terms of qualities that matter. A good music centre is defined by the quality of the acts it brings to the region, as well as the acoustics of its main hall.

The proud residents of Bradford on Avon claim that the Wiltshire Music Centre is the best place to take in an event, and it certainly has many noteworthy features that put it in this category. Shows routinely sell out so consumers are advised to purchase their tickets beforehand, either from the box office or through an online website like eBay. Due to the small size of the auditorium, almost all of the seats are excellent in terms of sound and viewing pleasure.

Overview of the Wiltshire Music Centre

The story of the Wiltshire Music Centre begins with a group of visionaries who lived in the Bradford on Avon area, and realised that there was a serious lack of quality concert halls in the area. The group applied for, and won, a grant from the National Lottery. This prize money was used to design and build a modest concert hall that came in under budget, a truly remarkable feat in this day and age.

Features of the Wiltshire Music Centre

The acoustics were a primary concern when building the Wiltshire Music Centre. Architects went out of their way to ensure that every inch of the concert hall would be an excellent conductor for sound. It does not matter if a guest sits in the first row or the last row. The music sounds just as good in both spots.

Another unique feature of the concert hall is the seating arrangement. Most large concert halls have seats along the sides that are set at sharp angles so that the venue can cram a greater amount of seats into a smaller space. This is not true of the Wiltshire Music Centre. The side seats are set at a very low angle so that viewers who sit in these seats can see all angles of the stage. Viewers who sit on the right side do not have to strain themselves to see what is happening on the left hand side of the stage and vice versa.

Musical Performances

This high quality venue was built to attract the best musical groups from many different genres. As the years passed on, the concert hall's fame grew until it was easy to draw some of the biggest names in the industry. However, the Wiltshire Music Centre does not cater to whatever music group is at the top of the pop music charts. Instead, the focus is to attract a wide range of groups, from classical orchestras to folk music.

One of the tenets of the Wiltshire Music Centre is that it should serve all people within the community. This means that its performances are typically eclectic. On a single weekend, the concert hall can offer shows starring an ethnic tribal group, a classical quartet, and a Spanish flamenco guitar master. Local residents are encouraged to expand their musical tastes by visiting the concert hall regularly.

Educational Centre

One of the reasons the Wiltshire Music Centre was selected for the National Lottery was because it was intended to be an educational centre, as well as a concert hall. Music classes are offered within the building for musicians of all ages. The concert hall also works with local schools in the area to help encourage children to take up playing musical instruments. World famous musicians often stop by the concert hall and host a workshop aimed at young students.

Seating Within the Wiltshire Music Centre

When it comes to buying tickets to any music venue, seating is always a primary concern. A good seat is the difference between being able to watch the show, and spending the entire time trying to peer over the heads of viewers in front. It is also true that many concert halls with subpar acoustics create certain seating areas that are similar to dead zones. Anyone unfortunate enough to purchase tickets in these seats might find it very difficult to hear the music.

Wiltshire Music Centre has expertly designed acoustics. For this reason, the music sounds the same regardless of where a particular guest is sitting. This is especially good news for online buyers since the venue does not allow buyers to select their seats when buying online. The only way to ensure that the buyer gets a particular seat, is to visit the box office in person and make a request.

Seating Arrangement

There are three main seating sections. All of the seats are on a single level that gradually ascends from the stage in a rising alphabetical order. There are three main sections at this particular venue. The first is a main centre section where all of the seats directly face the stage. The right side section has seats that are slightly angled towards the left, while the left side section has seats that are slightly angled towards the right. The chart below is helpful when trying to quickly reference a specific section or seating information.

Section Name


Stage View

Number of Seats Per Row







Left of Centre




Right of Centre


The centre section is the largest, and is typically the area where most people prefer to sit. However, many guests find that there is little viewing difference from the side sections.

The seating arrangement starts with Row A. Seating in this row is only available for the centre section. Side section seats begin with Row B, and then continue all the way into the back until Row L. This is the final row, and has an extra bit of leg room. Taller guests who need the extra space should take the time to reserve Row L seats in person.

Handicap Spaces

Guests that are in a wheelchair, or going to a show with someone in a wheelchair, need to let the venue staff know this ahead of time. There is a dedicated space for wheelchairs in the back of the auditorium on Row L. Seats that are adjacent to the wheelchair area are 9L and 21L.

Aisle Seats

One thing that does not change, regardless of the venue, is the fact that some seats are located right next to the aisle. While some concert goers enjoy sitting by the aisle, others may not prefer it. Aisle seats, or those located close to the aisle, means that the viewer has to stand up each time to make way for those who are leaving or entering in the middle of the performance area. Aisle seats in the Wiltshire Music Hall are those with the numbers of 7, 8, 22, and 23. Obviously any seat that is close by to those numbers, are also close to the aisle. Seats that are squarely in the middle of the centre section are 14, 15, and 16.

Stage Proximity

For those guests who want to be close to the stage, look to purchase tickets located in rows A, B, C, and D. These are the first four rows of the concert hall. If the tickets are for the side section, remember that row B is the first row, while row A is the first row in the middle area.

How to Buy Tickets for the Wiltshire Music Hall on eBay

When it comes to purchasing tickets online, many frequent guests of the music hall enjoy using eBay's ticketing system. Buying the tickets via eBay is easy, especially if you already have an eBay account from purchasing other items. There is no need to create a separate account with another ticket vendor. Simply use your eBay account for all your ticketing needs.

Begin your search by typing 'tickets' into the search engine. This takes you to the ticketing area of eBay. Once here, you can type 'Wiltshire Music Centre tickets' in order to return results for all upcoming events in that category. If you are looking for particular tickets to a show, make sure you type the show's name into the search engine along with the venue.

Remember that the Wiltshire Music Centre does not allow you to reserve a specific seat online. If you need a certain seat, such as one that is handicap accessible, your best bet is to call the concert hall. Otherwise, you may wind up sitting in whatever place is assigned to you.


The Wiltshire Music Centre is a small concert venue with a world class reputation. Built to help people explore the local arts and culture in Bradford on Avon, this music hall has attracted some of the best musical acts. More than just a simple music hall, the Wiltshire Music Centre also encourages the development of fine arts within the area by providing music workshops to local schools and private students.

The main reason for its excellent reputation, however, is the venue's superb acoustical design. While it might not seem as ornate as some concert halls, listening to an opera here is pure pleasure to the ears. There are no bad seats in this venue. Therefore, whether the consumer chooses to purchase his or her tickets online through eBay, or decides to pick them up at the box office, he or she can relax and enjoy the beautiful show thanks to the Wiltshire Music Centre.

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