What Are the Different Types of Carp Fishing Tackle?

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What Are the Different Types of Carp Fishing Tackle?

Discover What Equipment is Needed for Carp Fishing

Carp fishing is a type of coarse fishing which is popular in many parts of the world including the UK, Europe, Asia, and the USA. As a result there is always a high demand for new and used carp fishing tackle on eBay.

Depending on the location, there are different types of carp that can be fished for. Carp are often caught as sport and returned to the water rather than being kept for human consumption.  

Carp are mainly fresh water fish and can be found in lakes, canals, rivers and streams all over the world.

Listed below are some of the most common types of carp together with their distinguishing features:

Type of Carp

Distinguishing Features

Bighead Carp

Large head with no scales and a large mouth

Common Carp

Slim bodied

Crucian Carp

Distinctive golden colouring

Grass Carp

Slim elongated bodies

Leather Carp

Triangular shaped head and arched back

Mirror Carp

Patchy scaling on the body

Silver Carp

Unique silver colouring

Other types of carp include:

  • Black Carp
  • Indian Carp
  • Mud Carp

Carp are considered to be a prize catch for many anglers across the world.

Types of Carp Fishing Tackle

There are many types of carp fishing tackle on eBay that an angler will require. The information below highlights many of the most important items of carp fishing tackle and explains what they are used for.

Bite Alarms

Bite alarms are an important item of carp fishing tackle. They allow the angler to see and hear when they have a bite on of their lines. It’s not uncommon for carp fishermen to have multiple lines in the water at one time. With this in mind some bite alarms have volume and tone controls that can be adjusted. This allows the angler to know which of his or her lines has the bite so they can attend to it quickly.

The two main type of bite alarms are:

Wireless Bite Alarms

New and used battery powered wireless bite alarms are available to buy on eBay and provide the angler with a convenient way to monitor any activity on their lines.

Roller Wheel Bite Alarms

Roller wheel bite alarms work on the basis of the line moving to rotate the roller which then gives the person fishing a signal they have a bite. 

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Bite Indicators

The role of bite indicators is to let the angler see what direction the carp is moving in after biting. A rising bite indicator may indicate the fish is swimming away from the angler’s position and a falling bit indicator will indicate what’s on the end of the line is moving towards the fisherman.

Bite indicators come in many shapes and styles including bobbins and more modern illuminated ones depending on preference.


The selection of carp fishing tackle hooks on eBay is vast. eBay has a selection of sizes and a wide choice of manufacturers such as:

  • Fox
  • Preston
  • Nash
  • Force
  • Maver
  • Gardner

The complete beginner or experienced angler will find the right carp fishing hook for them. Carp fishing hooks can be barbed or barbless and come in a range of sizes from 4 to 12.

Landing Net

Landing nets for carp on eBay typically vary in size from 26” right up to 50”. Of course being able to successfully land the fish is essential which is why landing nets are a part of carp fishing tackle it pays to invest in.

Lead Weights

Lead weights are another important item when it comes to carp fishing tackle. There are a variety of different weights available to buy and the one an angler chooses will depend on location and the type of carp being fished for. Some of the most commonly used lead weights are 1oz, 2oz, and 3oz and these come in a variety of colours.


Soft steel, Fluorocarbon, and woven braid are three of the most commonly used materials for carp fishing lines. Each has its own qualities. For example, woven braid can be cast a very long way and Fluorocarbon lines don’t show up in the water as they’re transparent. Soft steel lines are renowned for their knot strength.


Carp fishing rods today tend to be made from carbon fibre and Kevlar. This is due to the material being light, thin and incredibly strong. Advising someone on what type of rod to buy all depends on the type of carp fishing they’re going to be doing. Over on eBay there are entry-level carp fishing rods right through to very high-end rods used by the professionals.

One of the key measurements of a carp fishing road is known as test curve. This tells an angler the strength of the rod by measuring the amount of weight it takes at the rod tip to bend the rod at a 90 degree angle. The test curve is usually stated in lbs.

When it comes to the action of a carp fishing road, there are three main categories:

Slow Taper

Best suited to short distance carp fishing, this type of rod is able to bend right back to the butt.

Progressive Taper

These rods have more rigidity than slow taper rods and can be used at greater distances while still being able to maintain a good level of control.

Fast Taper

Fast taper carp fishing rods are ideal for casting and controlling over greater distances. However, they are not well suited to close range fishing.


Reels are one of the most popular carp fishing tackle items. Some of the best known brands in the reel market include:

  • Abu
  • Daiwa
  • Fox
  • Okuma
  • Shimano

Reels come in a variety of sizes depending on whether close fishing or long distance carp fishing is preferred. As with most carp fishing tackle, there is also a large variation in budget. This means that those new to carp fishing can get kitted out on eBay at an affordable price, while the more seasoned anglers will also find top quality reels at a higher level.  


The weight of a carp is usually the first thing someone asks when hearing someone has caught one. A set of accurate scales and a good quality bag to store them in is another important part of someone’s carp fishing tackle.

Unhooking mats

In order to ensure the welfare of the carp that’s been landed, an unhooking mat is also required. The mat itself should have water from the river/stream etc. on it so that it’s not too dry when the fish is placed on it to have the hook removed from its mouth.

The guide above is not an exhaustive one but the carp fishing tackle mentioned is all required for a productive fishing trip. There are other things on eBay that an angler may also want to purchase including:

  • Bait Drills/Needles
  • Keep Nets
  • Ready tied rigs

Types of Carp Bait

There is a wealth of different carp fishing bait types available to buy online via eBay. Some of the most popular include:

These come in a variety of different quantities and flavours to suit a range of carp fishing preferences and location. Many of these are available to buy on eBay with free delivery.

5 Things to Consider When Buying Carp Fishing Tackle

The carp fishing tackle someone buys can make a real difference to their ability to successfully catch fish. Lots of people take up carp fishing every year and the great thing about eBay is that it has carp fishing tackle options to suit every budget, including beginners.

Listed below are five things to consider when buying carp fishing tackle.

Cost Vs. Time

When someone is considering buying carp fishing tackle to take up the sport, it’s a good idea to weigh up cost vs. time. For example, if it’s likely they will only go carp fishing two or three times a year they may not want to invest in high-end equipment to begin with.

Local Carp Fishing Venues

There are so many different options when it comes to carp fishing tackle. From the choice of rods and reels through to lines and hooks, it’s good for someone to have a knowledge of what equipment is best suited to the local carp fishing venues.

New or Second Hand Carp Fishing Tackle?

eBay has a vast selection of both new and used carp fishing tackle to buy online. Budget will be the man consideration for many in making the decision between new and used. If someone decides they’d like all new carp fishing tackle then eBay is a great place to search for it at an affordable price.

The standard of second hand carp fishing tackle on eBay is high. Many people don’t have the time for fishing anymore so decide to sell their carp fishing tackle on eBay to recoup some of the initial costs.

Other Items Required

As well as the carp fishing tackle itself such as rods, reels, and hooks, other equipment will be needed. For example, many anglers fish for carp at night time and need suitable lighting. Waterproof fishing clothing is another area that someone new to carp fishing may need to invest in.

Carp fishing chairs and bait bags are just two of the other things that can be found new and used on eBay.

Delivery Options

One of the great things about buying carp fishing tackle on eBay is that many sellers offer free delivery. This allows online buyers from all over the country to purchase affordable carp fishing tackle in a hassle-free and cost-effective way.

Many eBay sellers who charge for postage will give discounts when someone orders multiple carp fishing tackle items from them, so it’s always worthwhile asking.

How to Buy Carp Fishing Tackle on eBay

Buying new or used carp fishing tackle and equipment is easy with eBay.

Potential purchasers can browse carp fishing tackle items 24 hours a day, all year round.

Once on eBay the search bar at the head of each page makes it straightforward to look for a specific item or manufacturer of carp fishing tackle. There are also additional search filters on the left hand side of each category page so the results can be narrowed down accordingly.

There are many different types of carp with different characteristics. Carp fishing is a popular sport all over the world in rivers, streams, lakes and canals.

Carp fishing tackle consists of many items. As well as the obvious rod and reel, things such as scales, bite alarms, unhooking mats, and lead weights are also necessary. All of these items can be found on eBay.

Bait for carp fishing comes in a variety of forms which appeal to different types of carp and can be used in varying water and weather conditions.

Whether someone is completely new to carp fishing or has being doing it for decades, eBay is a one-stop shop for quality and affordable carp fishing tackle.. It’s also great for bait and other fishing equipment such as waterproof clothing, landing nets and even camping equipment such as a bivvy for those overnight carp fishing trips.

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