What Dads Really Want

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Greg: @eBay_UK_Greg

eBay Elf, finding the perfect gift for you this Christmas. Tech, Tips and Top Tweets on Twitter 9am till 6pm, then I'm off to make the candy canes. 

Terrible jokes, awful attire and a taxi service that never fails. Dads, they never change. Let’s all take time this Christmas to show them our love and appreciation, give them more than a new pair of socks.
Gadgets, tools, action movies and anything else that releases their inner boy, are the  kind of presents they dream to unwrap. Dad’s should be easy to buy for, here are 10 of the best gifts to inspire excitement and joy this festive period.
Or you could just turn off the light when you leave the bathroom.
I’m joking.
“Hello Joking, I’m Dad”

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1. Sphero BB-8 Droid

Beep Boop Boop Beep.

This little droid from the upcoming movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens connects to a smartphone and can be remotely driven around the galaxy from the comfort of the sofa.

Will Dad choose the Dark side and drive it around annoying Mum all day?

Release his inner child with a bit of boyhood movie nostalgia, this gift will be perfect for Dad's and the family, messing around on Christmas day in Alderaan.

Buy Now: Sphero BB-8 Droid from eBay

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2. Chillsner Beer Cooler

Beer, the cause and solution of all the world's problems.

What better way to put a smile on your Dad's face than to give him the gift of a cold beer.

Not just a six pack from the local off-license, this genius invention freezes in your freezer then slips into the beer bottle to keep it cold. The really clever part is you can drink through the device and it keeps an airtight seal so the beer remains fizzy too.

Next year, gym membership.

Buy Now: The Chillsner Beer Cooler from eBay

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3. Addictaball

Forget Dad playing with this gift, the Addictaball is the type of present you end up using more than the person you bought it for. If you ever let him play he will end up sitting in his armchair wrestling with the challenge all day.

The Addictaball, as the name suggests, is tough to put down. Despite being a simple ball guidance game, it's three dimensional, colourful and frustratingly difficult to complete. Unless you're me that is :) . If  you complete this before  he does, be sure to rub it in his face slightly with some healthy competitive celebration. 

Buy Now:  Addictaball from eBay

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4. Brooklyn Brew Shop Everyday IPA Beer Making Kit

Local breweries are huge at the moment. Let Dad bring his local a bit closer to home with this Beer Making Kit. 

Your Dad will get to impress everyone with his very own brew of beer, without having to be an expert in hops and barley, all thanks to the simplicity of this kit.

Flavour options vary but each mix should produce a good 10 pints. Best of all, it's the gift that keeps on giving. You just need to get him more beer ingredients and that's the his birthday sorted too.

Buy Now:   Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Kit from eBay

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5. Marmite Chocolate

If I have 4 blocks and Dad has 10, how many does Mum have? 

None. We love it, she hates it. 

Rich chocolate enhanced by Marmite, what could possibly go wrong? 
It's Christmas, Christmas equals chocolate and if he doesn't like it, all the more for you.
Buy Now:  £3, ebay.co.uk

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6. Steak Locker

He knows his joints, he knows his cuts. Now your steak loving Dad can sit cross-legged on the kitchen floor admiring his prized meat for hours on end... 

The Steak Locker isn't cheap but it's a present that will let your dad turn your home into a fancy charcuterie, producing near-perfect restaurant grade, aged meats.  The Steak Locker is mains powered so he could even stick this in the shed and control the temperature and humidity all from a smartphone app.


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7. Quicklock Padlock

House key, Locker Key, Khaki trousers. DAD JOKE! He doesn't need another one to worry about losing. Keeping a lock on expensive tools is still an inevitability for most dads. The Quicklock brings a bit of modern gadgetry to an old classic padlock design. This little unit crams in Bluetooth and NFC meaning you can unlock it using a smartphone, or even a contactless card. Goodbye key jangling dad, hello connected man of the future. 

Lock this down before he buys one himself.

Buy Now:  Quicklock Padlock from eBay

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8. Zippo Hand Warmer

Zippo's are cool. Smoking is not.

So why not try the Zippo Hand Warmer instead? You still get the classic design with chrome finish but also a platinum catalysed glass-fibre burner for 12 hours of wonderfully warm hands. 


Buy Now:  Zippo Handwarmer from eBay

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9. PulsePak Emergency Charger

You've finally got your Dad to stop texting and use WhatsApp and now he's complaining about battery drain from using data.

PulsePak Emergency Charger to the rescue. This battery is small enough to sit on a keyring but powerful enough to keep a phone going for an extra two hours. 

Even better, it doesn't require him to keep buying AA batteries. Although maybe get him some of those too, that'll confuse him.

Buy Now:  PulsePak Emergency Charger from eBay

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10. Star Trek Original Series Communicator

"I'm Givin' Her All She's Got, Captain!" 

Made from a 3D model of the last Star Trek communicator prop in existence this is the ultimate Trekky Dad toy. It not only looks identical to Captain Kirk's but will work via a Bluetooth connection with a smartphone. It even has authentic Star Trek sounds and conversation clips. 

So don't be surprised to hear Dad call back from the garage as he fixes that USS Enterprise model he's began in 1983.

Buy Now: Star Trek Original Series Communicator from eBay

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