What Features Should You Consider When Buying Motion Sensors and Cameras for Sports Games?

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What Features Should You Consider When Buying Motion Sensors and Cameras for Sports Games?

When Nintendo released the Nintendo Wii in 2006, few would have ever expected that the most popular game on this console would be Wii Sports. Deceptively simple, the game challenged gamers to swing their controller like a baseball bat or do their best imitation of a bowling strut. Many years, and several thousand broken televisions later, the Wii is still enormously popular. Other consoles have jumped onto the motion sensor bandwagon so that there are several options consumers have when looking for sports games that utilise motion sensors and cameras.. These products are commonly sold in department stores, electronics shops, and online websites, like eBay.. Choosing between one or the other depends on several factors, such as the console's playability and the depth of its video game library. Sports fans need to think about what games they like and how they want to play them before committing to a console that costs a lot of money.

Battle for Motion Sensor Technology

Perhaps the best way to appreciate the current market selection of motion sensor and camera software is to understand where it all began. In 2006, both Microsoft and Sony released the newest versions of their consoles, the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3,, respectively. These consoles came packed with raw power, but also came with a high price tag that mainly appealed to a hardcore gaming market.

Nintendo, on the other hand, took a different approach. Rather than trying to compete with the other consoles based on which model had the largest internal memory or best graphics, Nintendo focused on playability. In the past, Nintendo had experimented with motion sensor technology, even creating its Power Glove in 1988 that allowed gamers to operate the original Nintendo system without a traditional controller. However, largely due to technological constraints, Nintendo abandoned the motion sensor approach until it released the Wii..

Universal Appeal

The design of the Wii remote was surprisingly simple. Using Bluetooth technology and a sensor bar that was placed on top of the television, the console could read the position of the controller. When the controller moved, the game responded. Believing that playability draws a larger crowd than competing for the console with the highest specifications, Nintendo released the Wii with the Wii Sports disc included. The games on the disc were golf, tennis, bowling, baseball, and boxing. Almost immediately, the Wii system became so popular that new consoles were backlogged for months and consumers had to wait in line outside the shop when a new shipment arrived. Old and young people alike, even those who had never played video games before, enjoyed the interactive nature of the Wii.

Not to be outdone, both Sony and Microsoft returned to the drawing board. Both of these companies created their own motion sensor gadgets to work with their consoles in an effort to catch onto the growing market. All three consoles now offer sports games that use motion sensor technology, but the features of each one are different.

Wii Features

The Wii console was the first to use motion sensor technology. It does not use a camera, though an addition to the controller, called the Wii MotionPlus, was added later to improve the accuracy between the controller and the sensor. The entire system reads the controller's position but does not focus on the gamer as much as other motion sensor and camera systems.


Gamers must use the Wii control to get the motion sensor controls to work. There were some complaints that the controls were off-balance, which led to the Wii MotionPlus upgrades. Some third-party manufacturers also sell sports accessories for the Wii controller, such as tennis rackets and baseball bats. These accessories do little to increase the accuracy of the gameplay, and sometimes may hinder, more than help, the player.

Library Size

Nintendo has the largest library of motion sensor games, including many popular sport games. After all, the Wii was originally planned to work with motion sensor technology so all of its games use this feature. The most popular sport game is Wii Sports, and several offshoots including Wii Resort Sports. Other popular gaming franchises, such as EA Sports' Madden NFL, are also found on this console.

Playstation 3

The Playstation 3 uses both a camera, called the Playstation Eye,, and a wireless motion control, called the Playstation Move,, for interactive gameplay. Like the Wii, the sport games require the player to swing the remote like a baseball bat or spike it like a volleyball. Because it uses both a camera and a motion sensor control, this system boasts extremely high accuracy when it comes to reading mobility. When every second matters in a sport game, this becomes a big plus on the side of the Playstation 3.


Gamers still must use a control to get the game to work. The Playstation Move controls also include an LED light at the top that changes colour in response to the player's actions. Some games allow four players to play at the same time. Overall, the control is very similar to the Wii remote. Gamers who like playing on the Wii can easily switch over to the Playstation.

Library Size

The interactive portion of the Playstation 3's library was added on later to the original gaming library. Therefore, the catalogue is not nearly as deep as that found on the Wii. Popular sports games often require the gamer to use the traditional Playstation controls instead of the Playstation Move. Sports games that do feature the Playstation Move system include Tiger Woods PGA Tour and Sports Champions, a game that is similar to Wii Sports.

Xbox 360

When it comes to technology, the Xbox 360 outdoes its competitors. Its Kinect system uses a depth sensor, microphone setup, and high-tech camera that is capable of capturing even the expression on players' faces. No control is needed for the Xbox 360 Kinect; the player alone is the control.


The first gaming system of its kind to work without a control, many gamers feel completely free as they play using the Microsoft Kinect. Despite the lack of a controller, the gameplay does not suffer. In fact, in many cases, it is more intricate. Sport games become more challenging, since the Kinect is reading the gamer's entire body language instead of just the position of the remote control.

Game Library

Like the Playstation 3, the gaming library on the Xbox 360 suffers from being added late in the life of the console. Many of the games currently available on the system do not work with the Kinect feature. Sports games do include Kinect Sports, as well as several exercise games like Zumba Fitness and Your Shape: Fitness Evolved.

Console Comparison

All three of the main motion sensor consoles offer a different game experience. Players need to carefully choose which brand matches their needs before investing their money into a console.



Game Library Size




Playstation 3

Controller plus camera


Xbox 360

No controller


Keep in mind that motion sensor technology is only included on the Wii for free. Later editions of the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 come with the technology for an additional price, while gamers who already own the system have to purchase the controls themselves.

How to Buy Motion Sensors and Cameras for Sports Games on eBay

eBay has a large and dedicated community of video game vendors who are able to get all of the latest models of gaming technology, which includes the motion sensor controls for sporting games, such as the Playstation Move and Xbox Kinect, either bundled with their systems or sold separately. Buyers can also find replacement sensor bars for the Wii on eBay, which come in handy in case of accidents.

When looking for motion sensor controls, the best place to start is by typing "motion sensors and cameras for video games&". This brings up a list of several results stretching across various platforms. Buyers can see for themselves the difference in price between the two main consoles. If a buyer is looking for something in particular, such as the Playstation Eye camera, then typing in "Playstation Eye camera&" yields the best results. Shoppers can also narrow down their query by searching for console type, such as "Playstation 3 motion sensors&".


Sports games can benefit from the interactive nature of consoles that use motion sensors and cameras. Popularised by the Wii and its incredibly successful Wii Sports, there are several different models for consumers to purchase on eBay. Each one works differently, and some models require that the consumer pay extra money to purchase these additional features. Besides the price of the motion sensor and cameras, buyers also need to pay attention to the playability of the system. Only the Microsoft Kinect allows gamers to play without a controller, while both the Nintendo Wii and Playstation 3 require one. The depth of the game library is another important consideration, and while both Microsoft and Sony are constantly adding new games, these companies cannot compete against the catalogue depth of the Nintendo Wii. A buyer must, therefore, evaluate all of these features before deciding on a console motion sensor and camera that fits his or her budget.

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