What Final Fantasy should a newbie play?

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I created this guide for the people who have heard of the great reputation of the Final Fantasy (FF) series and want to indulge in it their selves - but aren't sure which FF to buy! I will go through the FF games and provide notes on each so you can decide which FF will be best for you :).

FF's are insanely popular all across the globe. Not only do they possess extremely long game play, but they provide the player with an emotional attachment to the game and its characters. Final Fantasy's are RPG (Role-Playing Game) games; this means you play the role of a character in the game. Most MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) gamers are also FF fans.

Incase you don't understand some of the guide here is some basic FF terminology;

HP                  - Health Points, what you need to stay alive, known in other games as life, hearts, coins et cetera.

MP                 - Magic Points, what you need to cast magical spells/abilities, known in other games as magic, energy, mana et cetera.

Gil                  - The currency used in FF.

Limit Break   - The ability to use better/stronger attacks/abilities obtained (usually) from taking a lot of damage.

Summon         - A large, usually god like creature summoned using MP to inflict lots of damage upon the enemy.

FFI FFII FFIX FFV FFVI - These are the original 2D FF's before the technology of the PSX. These are recommended for hardcore/retro FF fans.

FFVII                                - FFVII made a landmark in gaming history, and made most gamers aware of the FF series. It was also the first FF to feature 3D graphics and to be of PSX format. FFVII is a long game with a great, enthralling plot. Although this isn't the easiest of the series, it is most likely the best choice for FF newbie’s to see what type of experience is available from an FF.

FFVIII                              - FFVII has slightly better graphics that FFVII and also features a card game which involved collection different cards and taking challenging other characters to games. FFVIII would fit fine for a FF newbie and could be seen as a slightly more mature game.

FFIX                                 - From increasingly better graphics from FFI to FFVIII; FFIX has very cartoon like graphics, and is slightly bad quality. This also features a card game and a slightly less mature plot.

FFX                                  - FFX was another landmark in gaming history. The usual (apart from FFII) character growth system was Leveling, for example; 10 experience is gained from killing a Bore and you need 100 experience to level up... However FFX features a 'Sphere Grid' where points are used to reach certain nodes on the grid and posses the statistics/abilities of that node. This breaks the limit on character growth, so all you hardcore gamers will never have to stop ;). Secondly, Aeons (summons) are now controllable, and when summoned are used just like a character with different abilities and even Overdrives (limit breaks). THIIRDLY, FFX features Blitzball, which is a bit like an underwater soccer. You must pass the ball from player to player and swim to get to the opponents goal where you must shoot, to score a goal lol... However, it is not as simple as that, special moves/abilities can be learnt that can help the players in a game of Blitzball, for example if the game is played correctly Tidus (main character) will learn a special shooting ability that comes in very handy. You can speak to different people around the world and transfer players from team to team which gives a management feel to Blitzball as well as the live sports game. FFX is also recommended to FF newbies, and will provide a brilliant experience to help grasp the concept of a FF and its game play for other FFs/RPGs.

FFX-2                              - FFX-2 is near about the same line up of characters as FFX. However instead of a Sphere Grid or even leveling, 'Costumes' are introduced which allow the characters to use different themes of abilities depending on what costume they are wearing. This game is highly recommended to children and unskilled gamers, the plot is laid back and the game can be beaten with ease by simply spamming the X button.

I hope this came in handy to you, and if not I hope it interested you ^^, it would be most appreciated if you told me what you think of my first guide ;P. Thanks for reading, hope to see you soon ;).

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