What Happens When You Purchase A Fake Sony Pro Duo

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Item number:

Payment Method: PayPal
Date of Payment: 05/29/08
Seller Contact: Yes, but the issue is unresolved.   eBay contacted but the issue is still unresolved and the seller is still selling Counterfeit Fake goods.

Customer concern: Dear eBay
I have contacted this counterfeit fake seller some four times since my previous report to you and his parting last response was...no thanks,i told you what to do end of story. What he wanted me to do was for me to return the fake item to him and I told him that the only place that I would send the item to would be the police, unless he return the full amount paid of £13 plus registered return postage costs of £2.75 via PayPal and that was the last I have heard from him. I have since realized that the memory card that he sent  was full of spyware and it has breached my PC`s security system and it has removed my PC Guard security system along with other items of high risk from within my PC in full. This was acheived when the memory card was inserted into the PC to check its capacity and its fake identity. With these findings I now think that eBay should now step in and end this persons rights to trade in the eBay market place as my PC repairs are now going to run into several hundred pounds and why, because I made a purchase through eBay. Its now time to stand up and be counted eBay along with this crooked seller. Just look at my feedback response to this seller, and I also contacted some of the other members who have now realised they are in the same boat with this seller. Should you wish to see both my contact with the seller consumer-electronics100 and his responses I can email them as attachments to your Trust & Safety section, see their previous Message to me KMM26936334V96541L0KM.
I await your earliest response on this matter.
This is typical of your response to eBay. As you can see from the content the seller does not want to get involved and if he can get you to return the counterfeit fake goods to him he will ..............and yes you`ve guessed it they will keep the goods as well as your money for the next MUG to be taken in. The next and probably the most important point that you will learn from this type of purchase is should the counterfeit or fake goods damage a third party piece of equipment in any way or form who will rectify the situation, it will most certainly not be the manufacturer as the goods are counterfeit  and fake. It will most certainly not be eBay because they continually allow the sellers to rip the members off even after you report the seller through the appropriate channels. Next  in the firing line comes PayPal and if you use their secure system it makes paying for things very easy  but their is a big BUT howyou recover your payment costs when you have been sold a fake  I still have to test the waters with PayPal will they sink or will they swim , my guess  is due to it being fake goods  Davy Jones Locker is  about as close as I will get to see the return of my total cost which on an item which was bough in good faith  for  £13  and  an estimated  computer repair now runing at a cost of £250 totaling a total loss of £263. All in all a very expensive little foray into the world of eBay because they do not police their listings, and continue to let goods  like counterfeit memory cards  to be sold day in day out.
Anyway take care now and learn a lesson on how to spot a fake................ ask Geeves how do you spot the fake on eBay Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh dono. When it arrives you`ll no soon enough. Ta ra
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