What Is Included In A Golf Club Set?

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What Is Included In A Golf Club Set?

You may be thinking of joining the millions of people around the world, men and women, young and old, who enjoy golf as a sport. In that case, you are probably asking yourself what equipment you need to get started. First and foremost on your mind will be the actual golf clubs.

Every type of golf club and golf club sets are available on eBay. Whatever you need, you will find it in our wide selection.

This guide will help you understand the different clubs that you will find a in a golf club set and how they are used in the game of golf.

The Woods

The woods are the clubs players use for long play. Because of their big, heavy club heads and long shafts they can strike the ball with tremendous force, launching it down the fairway for hundreds of yards.

As you can imagine, they got their name because for many centuries these club heads were made of wood. Manufacturers often used persimmon wood, but in later years some started experimenting with laminated wood. Around the end of the 1970s and the beginning of the 1980s some woods were being released on the market with steel heads. These metal woods became very popular, but the original name stuck. As the science of metallurgy advanced, some manufacturers started experimenting with titanium, scandium, carbon fibre and other composites. Nowadays, it would be impossible to find a wood made of actual wood.

In the wood family you have your driver, or 1-wood and the fairway woods (3-wood, 5-wood and 7-wood). The lower the number, the more yardage the club will yield and the longer the shaft will be.

The Irons

The irons are the second class of golf clubs. They generally have all metal heads with flat steel faces. Irons can be numbered from 1 to 10, but most players will only need a 3-iron and up (generally up to 9-iron). The yardage difference between each number iron is small, so choosing the right iron on the course is essential for approaching the green. As with woods, the lower the number, the higher the distance the club will yield. The 2 to 4-irons are called “long irons&”, the 5 to 7-irons are the so-called “medium irons” and the 8 and 9-irons are referred to as “short irons”.

An inspection of the club faces will also reveal that the loft angle increases as the iron number increases. Loft angle refers to the difference in the angle between the club face and the vertical plane. If you think of the dynamic of the swing it makes perfect sense. The higher the loft angle, the sharper the upwards flight angle of the ball will be. This is to help players to achieve more precision as a high climb angle will mean the ball will have less forward motion when it descends. Because of this flight dynamic, the ball won’t roll forward so much after landing. This allows the player to place the ball more accurately where he or she wants it.

There is a special class of irons called the wedges. These wedges have a much higher loft than their numbered cousins. There are five wedges in total, but most players only pack two in their bags:

For very short approach shots from around the green to the flag. Using the pitching wedge and its unique lob effect can help you navigate your way to the pin and avoid the nasty hazards of sand and water.

Designed to help dig the ball out of the soft sand of a bunker hazard. The sand wedge is essential as all players, even the world’s top-ranked players, will find themselves doing gardening in the bunkers now and again.

Hybrid Clubs

Recently, a new breed of golf club has emerged and quickly captured a large portion of the market. As the name ‘hybrid’ implies, these clubs are designed with the best of two world combined into one new class.

Hybrid clubs are like woods in appearance, but they have the same familiar feel and weight of the irons. This means many players find transitioning to hybrids fairly straightforward. Large numbers of players have replaced their long irons entirely with hybrid club sets.

Hybrid clubs give the ball a very unique flight dynamic which results in the ball tumbling back on itself. As it lands it bites and sticks into the green affording the player a lot of accuracy. The last thing you want is for the ball to roll off the green into another hazard.

Some manufacturers market their hybrid clubs as rescue clubs. This is because if you find yourself in the rough, or on a tight lie the characteristics of the hybrid club will greatly aid you in your position. The club offers the best of both world: forgiveness, distance and altitude, but with the dead stop of an iron. Besides, if you’re in the rough, amongst trees, the shortened shaft of the hybrid club means you need a smaller swing radius to get out of trouble.

Many professional and club players are starting to use hybrids as their go-to club when they find themselves in a spot of bother.

The Putter

You absolutely need a putter in your bag before you step on the course. It is the most uniquely shaped club as its primary and only function is to roll the ball on the green towards the hole. Putters allow for two faces, bent shafts and other appendages that will aid in increasing a player’s putting accuracy.

Club Distance Chart

This chart will help you understand which clubs cover which distances on the golf course. The distances are meant to be read as an average and is expressed in yards:




Driver (1-wood)

































Pitching wedge



Sand wedge



Understanding Sets And Combinations Of Golf Club Sets

Many manufacturers will offer complete club sets. These are generally aimed at beginners and can be a very cost-effective way of getting a start. Complete sets will include a driver (1-wood) and a combination of fairway woods, hybrids and irons including a pitching wedge, sand wedge and a putter. Some will even include extras like a golf bag and some accessories like tees, balls and gloves.

Most golfers, though, will pick and choose their combinations by buying clubs individually. You may opt to buy an iron set (3-iron to 9-iron, including a pitching wedge and sand wedge), a separate putter and a combination of woods that you feel comfortable with.

As you start out, there is no shame in teeing off with a higher number wood. It is better to be on the fairway and lose a shot because of the decreased distance than wasting many shots trying to dig a ball out of the rough, because you hooked or pulled a tee shot with a driver.

For many beginners or intermediate players, you may choose a hybrid set of clubs that will eliminate the need for longer irons completely.

Bear in mind that the official rules of golf prohibits players from taking more than 14 clubs onto the course.

Strategies for buying golf club sets on eBay

Here are a few different ways you could go about buying golf club sets on eBay::

Strategy A

Buy the entire set,, including irons, woods, putter, wedges.

Choose this option if you are just starting out and want to get a good feel for the game and plan to play on a very informal, social level.

Strategy B

Buy an iron set,, including wedges, and separate fairway woods,, driver and putters according to preference and skill level. You may also choose to buy an iron set with only shorter irons and opting to replace the long irons with a hybrid set..

Choose this option if you are getting into the game and want to take it fairly seriously. Keep in mind that you will eventually want to upgrade some of your clubs, especially your woods, as your skill level increases. If you have a slower swing (seniors, ladies), you will definitely want to consider substituting your long irons for a hybrid club set.

Strategy C

Build the entire set from scratch. Mix, match and create the combination of irons,, hybrids,, fairway woods,, driver and putter according to your needs and preferences. In order to do this successfully, you need a good understanding of what each brand and style of club has to offer and how that fits into your style of play.

Choose this option if you’re a highly experienced club player. 


Golf is a wonderful sport, intended to be enjoyed by young and old, gents and ladies. Millions of people are getting into the sport every year. Manufacturers are clambering to vie for the attention of new players. There are many high value deals and combinations available so make sure you take a good look around eBay to find the golf club set that is right for you.

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