What Is PPE and Why Should I Be Using It?

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What Is PPE and Why Should I Be Using It?

PPE stands for  Personal Protective Equipment . It covers anything than can be worn to protect you from hazards in the workplace. Some PPE such as fall arrest equipment and respirators are unlikely to be of interest to your average tiler, but there are plenty of other items that are, here are some examples...

Safety Boots

Safety Boots with steel toe caps - essential when working on site and still highly recommended for domestic use if you want to avoid broken toes from dropped slabs or tools! Safety footwear needn't be un-cool and uncomfortable - lightweight composite toecap safety boots are now available with the same 200J protection as steel toe caps.

Knee Pads

Knee Pads - most of you already use these, if not then why not?! Knee pads are essential in helping to prevent chronic knee pain. Whether you are using gel- or air-filled knee pads or work trousers with fitted knee pads, let your knee pads take most of the strain so you don't have to!

Safety Glasses

Safety Glasses  or goggles - when using a manual or electric tile cutter, splinters can fly up from the tiles and dislodge themselves in your eye. Ouch! Best get yourself some safety goggles then, they only cost a few quid after all.

Hard Hats

Hard Hats  - often necessary / legal requirement when working on site.


Protective Clothing / Workwear  - ok, not strictly essential for most tilers but a nice work jacket or pair of work trousers can make life a lot more comfortable and protect you against the elements!
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