What Is Reflexology.(How Does It Work)

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The treatment itself involves the application of gentle pressure to reflex points located on all parts of the feet. These points relate to internal organs,glands and structures of the body. The feet reflect and are a mirror of the body. Pressure is applied on these points can therefore provide the means whereby the body can balance itself.


Reflexology is based on zone therapy.
Zones are longitudinal lines of energy,ascending from the feet to the brain.
As pressure is applied to the feet it stimulates these zones which cause the energy to flow upwards.
There are ten energy zones,five on each foot,representing a simple numbering system,with the big toe as zone one,the second two and so on.
Each zone is a channel for life energy.. The fingers link up to the zones in the same way with the thumb being zone one and the little finger zone five.

Stimulating or working any zone in the foot by applying pressure with the thumb and fingers affects the entire zone throughout the body. e.g. working a zone on the foot along which the kidneys lie will release vital energy that may be blocked somewhere else in that zone,such as the eyes.
Working the kidney reflex area on the foot will therefore revitalise and balance the entire zone and improve functioning of the organ.Sensitivity in any one spot of the foot creates an imbalance in the entire length of the zone. Refinement of the pressure and consistent control is of great importance in achieving a result .

Hope This Explains The Theories Of Reflexology.
This Is A Gentle Explanation For All To Understand .

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