What Is Sky+?

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What Is Sky+?

Television has always been a popular way to spend free time, many people spend thousands on their home entertainment systems. Television is a part of many people's daily lives; they eat meals in front of it, exercise in front of it, use the programmes on it as conversation pieces, entertain their children and guests with films and programmes, and so on. Since its invention, companies around the world have been spending large amounts of cash improving, and trying to revolutionise the way in which people watch television: from adding colour, to wider screens, to HDTV, and now increasing innovation of digital televisions.

Sky, one of the most popular satellite TV providers in the UK, used to offer several types of digital boxes for different types of services. Now, they offer Sky+, or Sky Plus, a single box that a customer can use to access the standard Sky+ channels, as well as the Sky+ HD and 3D channels, including other services. A subscription to Sky+ provides an individual with a personal video recorder that is combined with the standard Sky digital box.

Sky Plus allows a viewer to pause and rewind the live television programmes that they are watching, in addition to providing the ability to record programmes. Sky+ boxes can be purchased through Sky, as well as on the online website, eBay. Before buying a Sky+ box, consumers should learn why they should buy Sky+, know the features of Sky+, and learn how to get Sky+.

Why Buy Sky+?

There are many other devices that enhance a viewer's television experience, including other devices that look just as good Sky+. So, why spend money on a Sky+ subscription?



Easy navigation of electronic programme guide

Organised, making it easy to find previous recorded programmes

Has "on demand" programming for various programmes and films

Different price plans for a range of packages and more variety for the consumer

Easy to use applications

Allows downloads of films and programmes via Ethernet

Ability to add more features to basic Sky+ packages


Impressive collection of channels

Needs a satellite dish and someone to install components

Does not have 4 on Demand (4oD)

There are other types of digital subscription packages that rival Sky+, but the add-ons, upgrades, and applications are some elements that make this particular service stand out. A Sky+ subscription can be applied for at any Sky office, and the company’s employees can perform the installation fairly quickly.

Features of Sky+

There are many features that make Sky+ one of the most popular digital television services in the country. Some are practical, some are crowd-pleasing, some make people look askance, and some are mentioned here.

Recording Options

The recorder integrated with the Sky+ box allows a user to watch one channel, while recording a programme on a different channel, which is an improvement on basic recorders that cannot record when the television is on. With the Sky+ recorder, it is also possible to record programmes on two different channels at the same time, while the viewer is watching a programme that has already been recorded.

These recording options allow a viewer to make the most of his time, as well as help him to watch programmes that he normally cannot, because two or more programmes that he wants to watch are airing at the same time.

Electronic Programme Guide

The on-screen electronic programme guide (EPG) allows a user to browse through one week's worth of television programmes, helping an individual to choose what to watch in advance, or which programmes to record in advance.

The EPG is an excellent tool for planning ahead, therefore, it is a useful time saver. It helps users to make time for programmes that they want to watch, adjust their schedules, and find out about new programmes that may have just started airing or interesting topics on other programmes, like documentaries.

Series Link

This is one of the more popular Sky+ features, because it can be set to automatically record episodes of the TV programmes in which an individual is interested. The feature keeps track of schedule changes and is set to avoid repeats of the same episode. Record all episodes of a series from beginning to end with no great hassle using this feature.

Even hardcore fans of a TV series miss episodes now and then. With Series Link, that can never happen again, as the missed episodes can be recorded to be watched at a more leisurely time. There are people who want to watch episodes again and again, and this feature affords them that luxury.

Sky Go

People can watch live television on their iPads and laptops with this add-on, which is great if they are always on the move, or if they have long commute times. Those who travel frequently would certainly be able to stave off boredom with this feature. It is also possible to control a Sky+ box from an individual’s iPhone or iPad with the help of Sky apps. Access to the Internet allows a user to set up recordings even when they are not at home.

On Demand Options

The On Demand options in the programme guide mean even more popular programmes are at a user’s fingertips, and all of these can be watched any time a user wants. Not to mention, there are many handy and user-friendly features that help a person to easily find programmes that he or she wants on demand. The on demand feature, for example, allows the viewer to watch a trailer or clip of a programme or film to help him determine whether he wants it before downloading.

CatchUp TV

CatchUp TV helps an individual remain up to date with programmes that are shown on Sky. This feature is also integrated with BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, and Demand 5, which certainly helps to enhance the viewing experience. This is useful for when viewers miss programmes that they want to watch and forget to record.

Sky Store

The On Demand feature also contains the Sky Store, where people can rent favourite films or the latest film releases at the touch of a button. This is a great addition for people who want to watch the most recent box office films in more comfortable surroundings than the cinema. Renting online is also somewhat less expensive than renting from brick and mortar shops, not to mention the cash that is saved on concessions and film tickets.

Sky Planner

The Sky Planner helps a user to organise every aspect of their Sky+ experience, from choosing programmes to browsing programmes to recording programmes. The Sky Planner holds all of the programmes recorded, and it is where the user goes if he or she wants to watch, browse, or copy recorded programmes from the Sky+ box to other devices.

This is a great benefit, especially for those who do have no talent at organisation. With storage spaces as large as 4 TB, a disorganised person could spend quite some time looking for a specific TV series or film, which is time wasted that could be spent watching a programme.


There are times when a finger slips and a favourite series or film has been deleted. In Sky+ the user has the ability to recover deleted data. Accidental deletions of recordings are impossible with the undelete function, while those that a user really wants to delete are the only ones to disappear.

Getting Sky+

The standard Sky+ box and set up are free if an individual has been a subscriber to Sky TV for the minimum duration of a year. Because the standard Sky+ box is also compatible with Sky+ HD channels, a subscriber only needs to upgrade the package to include HD services for an additional monthly fee.

The Sky+ set up requires an HDMI cable and Ethernet connection if the user wants HD and access to downloadable content. There are different levels of storage to consider, especially if a user wants to download HD content, which uses more storage space. Sky+ HD can go up to a few terabytes of space, which is more than adequate for film and television enthusiasts. Additional Sky+ services are available at their website.

Buying Sky+ Boxes on eBay

Sky Plus boxes can be purchased on eBay, and finding them is an act of simplicity. All you need to do is navigate to the site and type "Sky+ box" into the search bar. The results of the search can number in the hundreds, but it is easy to narrow them down using the site tools and choices on eBay. You can also narrow down the selection using more specific keywords, like "Sky+ box HD fast delivery". More specific keywords bring you closer to what you want, and when used in conjunction with the site tools, are very effective for finding the Sky+ boxes that would be ideal for your needs or most in keeping with your preferences. Just remember to evaluate both the seller and the product thoroughly before buying. Electronics are always delicate purchases, so make sure that shipping is handled properly if you want the products you buy to be delivered in pristine conditions.


There are increasingly advanced technological innovations for television, and the latest is digital satellite TV. The Sky+ box and services allow a viewer to pause, rewind, or fast forward a programme being watched. The recorder included in the box also provides the ability to record films and TV series being broadcast on air. Services similar to the Sky+ box are offered by Virgin Media and BT Vision, but Sky offers many unique services that they do not. Sky+ has more than one package and upgrade available so for the potential buyer or subscriber, it is important to do some homework before deciding which Sky Plus package best fits the viewer’s needs and preferences. Sky+ boxes are compatible with all packages, from the standard channels to HD and 3D channels, so there is no need to change boxes. Because the installation requires a Sky engineer, the Sky+ service can only be applied for at official channels and partners of Sky, although the boxes can be acquired at offline and online shops, like eBay.

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