What Is a Touring Kayak?

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What Is a Touring Kayak?

A touring kayak is also known as a sea kayak. It differs from other kayaks in that it is larger and has extra space for storing equipment and any bags that the kayaker may bring along. These kayaks are designed for longer kayaking trips. Many people enjoy paddling touring kayaks because it gives them a chance to explore the world around them. A buyer can purchase a touring kayak to travel alone or to travel with another kayaker. No matter what skill level a kayaker has, touring kayaks are designed to accommodate anyone. The first step in getting started with this recreational activity is to learn a bit about the sport, then determine how to choose the best touring kayak. Touring kayaks are built to last, so learning how to store and maintain the new kayak is a must. Anyone shopping for a touring kayak or looking for a great deal on a used one can find what they are looking for on eBay.

What Is a Touring Kayak Used For?

A touring kayak is a specialised kayak that is designed for recreational use. Unlike other kayaks, this type of kayak is not meant to travel on rough waters or to be used for hunting or fishing. Instead, kayakers take touring kayaks out on the water because they want to experience their natural surroundings. These kayaks are designed to travel long distances and have ample room for storage. This makes a touring kayak the ideal watercraft for camping trips, birdwatching, and photography.

How to Choose a Touring Kayak

Not all touring kayaks are the same, so shoppers cannot simply walk into a store and purchase the first one they see at a decent price. A buyer has to take the time to explore all of their options and analyse the different features. In order to find the best touring kayak, shoppers have to consider the type, size, price, and condition of each model.

Types of Touring Kayaks

Touring kayaks are designed for use in a wide range of water conditions. Their versatility is part of their appeal. Still, there are some touring kayaks that are better suited for different conditions and activities than others. The three main types of touring kayaks are listed in the table below.




Designed for travelling long distances; not enough storage space for overnight trips or trips that take multiple days


Larger than a day touring kayak; comfortable for travelling long distances; extra storage space for bags and other gear


Tandem touring kayak are designed for two people to travel together; available in both day and expedition sizes

Day kayaks are best for people who just want to go out for the day. This type of kayak does not have extra storage space. Buyers who anticipate going on overnight trips would do best with an expedition kayak.

No matter which type of touring kayak a a buyer chooses, one thing is for certain: touring kayaks are designed for travelling long distances. Their design makes them easier to paddle for several kilometres without growing tired. Unfortunately, touring kayaks are a bit harder to steer, which is why they are not recommended for smaller waterways that have rapids, whitewater, or obstacles that need to be steered around.

Touring Kayak Sizes

Each type of touring kayak is available in a wide range of sizes. Each of the sizes has its advantages and disadvantages. When choosing the size of a touring kayak, a shopper must first determine what their skill level is. The needs of a beginner are much different than the needs of someone who is more experienced. In order to have a comfortable kayaking experience, it is important to choose the right size of kayak.

Sizes for Beginner Kayakers

Touring kayaks for a single person usually measure 3.5 metres to 5.5 metres in length. A kayaker needs to sit inside the kayak to determine if it is a comfortable length. Shorter kayaks are often easier to steer, so shoppers should keep that in mind. The kayak needs to be both comfortable to sit in and easy to steer while in the water. Beginners should look for kayaks that are wider. Kayaks that measure about 60 cm in width are easier to keep upright. The width is crucial, because kayakers in the beginning often have trouble with balance.

Sizes for Experienced Kayakers

Experienced kayakers can choose whichever kayak they are most comfortable riding in. Just because the kayak they started out in was comfortable does not mean that it is the best choice for continued kayaking. The more experienced kayaker who has spent some time in the water comes to appreciate how a narrower kayak allows them to move faster through the water. Experienced kayakers should look for a touring kayak that measures about 55 cm in width.


When shopping for a kayak, it is important to consider the price. One thing is for certain, beginners should not invest a lot of money in their first kayak. The first kayak is meant to get the person used to the water. As the kayaker becomes more experienced, he comes to outgrow his kayak. For this reason, a shopper should avoid paying a high price for a beginner kayak. Rather the kayaker should wait to invest the money in a kayak that they expect to use for a very long time.


One way to save money on the purchase of a kayak is to buy a used kayak. This is not a bad idea, but shoppers must use caution when purchasing a touring kayak that has been used before. A shopper needs to examine the exterior for any obvious signs of damage, such as cracks. Additionally, the interior needs to be checked for mould or mildew growth. The buyer should look for any indications that the kayak has not been cared for properly. Before taking a used touring kayak on a long expedition, it needs to be water tested to ensure that it can hold up. Otherwise, the kayaker could end up stranded in the water.

How to Store a Touring Kayak

Because touring kayaks are a big investment, it is important that kayakers store their kayaks correctly. Hulls of kayaks are often made out of fibreglass, which means that they are susceptible to damage from the weather. To ensure that the hull remains intact so that a kayaker can enjoy a smooth ride, the fibreglass needs to be protected when the kayak is not in use. Ideally, touring kayaks should be stored indoors where they can remain in a controlled environment. If the kayak must be stored outside, then the kayak needs to be placed in a water-resistant covering that is also resistant to mildew growth.

Depending on how the kayak is stored, it may also become misshapen. To prevent this from happening, the kayak needs to be suspended in a way that the weight is evenly distributed along the strongest parts of the kayak. If the kayak is stored on the ground, then it could end up with flat spots. If the kayak is suspended by the ends, then it could add too much curve. Specialised kayak storage racks are available to ensure that the kayak is stored properly and does not become damaged or misshapen over time.

How to Buy a Touring Kayak on eBay

If you are looking for a new or used touring kayak, then you can find everything you need on eBay. You can find kayaks of different lengths and widths. You can also read reviews and compare kayaks to determine which one is the best kayak for you. Shopping online from home takes the pressure off of making a decision, because you can browse the selection of kayaks at your own pace. Shopping on eBay brings you the largest selection to browse through, because all items are listed by private sellers, and new items are being listed all the time.

Searching for a Kayak

You can find some of the best deals for touring kayaks on eBay if you know how to search the site effectively. Start by performing a keyword search, using words to describe the kayak that you want. Avoid using a broad search, like 'kayak', or you may end up with too many results to sort through. Instead, describe the length, type, or brand you are looking for. At the same time, avoid being too specific in your search or you may end up with no results at all. You can always narrow down the list to a more manageable amount by selecting different options. Don't forget to set your price range so that only those listings that fit within your budget are displayed on the results page.


A touring kayak is a recreational watercraft that allows the rider to travel long distances and take multiday trips by water. Touring kayaks are much longer than the kayaks designed for use on rapids and whitewater. The touring kayak is designed for taking out to sea or for use in calmer waters. It does not matter what skill level a person has when it comes to kayaking. A touring kayak can be used by beginners and experts alike.

Shopping for a new kayak can be difficult because it is such a large investment. A kayaker needs to be sure that the touring kayak they choose matches their skill and comfort level. This can be done by selecting the right type and size. To protect the investment, a kayaker must learn how to properly store the kayak when it is not in use. Whether looking for a new day touring kayak, a used expedition kayak, or a cover for storing a kayak, eBay makes shopping and comparing kayaks and related accessories very easy.

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