What IsThe New Spy Trapper Digital Hunting Game Camera?

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The technology of game cameras is hard ti keep up with as everything is changing so fast. For a good quality, reasonably priced, easy set-up, and with many modern features, "The Spy Trapper" is an excellent choice to add to your hunting gear.

        This DK series digital hunting  game camera traps images respectively in the 3MP, 5MP and 8MP modes which can be viewed on a built-in 2" color display panel. The Spy Trappers weather resistant camouflage molded casing protects your internal battery and functions. It captures quality color images in daytime and black & white at night. The "No Flash" uses the 54 built-in infrared emitters to illuminate a 25-meter viewing range, which automatically turns on in low light. Each image taken is time and dated on its 16MB internal memory. It accepts SD/MMC cards with a 2GB capacity. The Spy Trapper can take multiple shots 1/3 pictures and record videos up for 30 seconds. The LCD on this  game camera displays the time, date, number of images, time delay and the battery status. Each of these models has a motion sensor with adjustable PIR sensitivity which can be programmed from 10 seconds to 990 seconds delay between triggers. It uses laser light to aim and set the camera at the area covered. The Spy Trapper runs on a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that is good for 20 days or via a DC 12-volt battery adapter. This  hunting game camerahas a USB port for downloading onto your PC and shipped with the software. A/V cables for viewing on your television are also included.

10 Reasons, Why To Buy The Spy Trapper?

1) Its as easy to set-up as it is your alarm clock.
2) Takes images in your choice of 3mp, 5mp, or 8mp.
3) Takes multiple shots of 1/3 pictures.
4) Motion trigger sensor with adjustable PIR sensitivity / program from 10 - 990 seconds.
5) Records video.
6) It has a large 2" color display screen.
7) "No Flash" - 54 built-in infrared emitters to illuminate coverage area.
8) No noise shutter.
9) Easy to remove SD card and accepts a 2GB capacity card.
10) Easy to recharge battery with a 12-volt battery adapter.

Another use for the Spy Trapper hunting game camera is for surveillance anywhere as it requires no outlet.

This Spy Trapper hunting game camera has various features to meet your needs and requirements making this an easy decision for you the customer.
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