What Kit do I need for Home Brew ale or beer, cider , lager

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Nearly everyone makes 40 pints so here's an idea of what you want,

A big clean bucket--You're going to make 40 pints so one about 48 pints/30 litres or bigger is ok
A spoon to stir it, or use the big stainless spoon in the cupboard!
A bit of syphon tube to get the beer out of the bucket easily( Or get a bucket with a tap!)
A hydrometer is really useful, tells you when the beer is ready to bottle- but not essential!
A thermometer, a plastic one to stick on the bucket is easiest!
Some steriliser, everything has to be clean, you can use up the MIlton left over from the babies bottle cleaner or buy some special home brew stuff
That's it! That's all to get you going! 
You'll also need....
Something to put the beer in when it's made, cheapest is to use plastic fizzy drink bottles. Just clean and sterilise old ones ... Pop bottles or fizzy water, you can buy them from the supermarket and throw the water away. They are really cheap!
If you want to be posh then  buy some of the clip top bottles or a pressure barrel! 

It's probably easiest and cheapest to buy a basic beginners equipment set, you'll find you save that way! 
Get out there and start brewing!!

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