What MP3 Player?

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Thinking of getting an MP3 Player? theres a few things you may need to consider

SIZE: MP3 Players come in different shapes and Capacity, the smallest being around 64MB will hold about 20 songs, the biggest being around 60 Gigabyte, these can hold several thousand photos, 50,000 songs (roughly) and some even take music videos, (or a mixture of the three)

COST: one of the most important factors, a small "Basic" one with no screen can be bought for around £20 - £30. the bigger more advanced models go for around £150

PURPOSE: if you are just looking for something with a few songs on it to use in your car or on a short aeropalne trip, youd be best off going for the 64MB - 128MB range, these go for around £20 and are easy to use. but if your seriously into your music, i'd suggest the 2Gig ipod Nano, it can go skidding across the floor and still work, and cases are easy to find and relativly cheap. i bought mine in america for $200, which at the time was about £120 - £130

EXTRAS: for a cheap one, there are usually no extras added, just a basic music player. but most bigger players will have games, clocks, alarms, even address books

That should be enough to get you through the world of MP3 Players
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