What Makes a Boot Perfect for Riders

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What Makes a Boot Perfect for Riders

Riding horses has been a popular pastime for the British people for centuries, and one of the things you need to enjoy this hobby is proper equipment. Horse riding boots are one of the most important pieces of this equipment. The main function of riding boots is to protect the feet and calves of the rider, but also to help create an elegant look. Learning more about what makes a boot perfect for riders can be of help when buying new riding footwear.


The Material of the Riding Boots

There are two main types of materials to choose from when it comes to selecting a pair of equestrian boots. These are leather and synthetic materials. The best choice for a great fit, comfort, and durability is leather. Opt for a pair of boots made from soft leather such as pigskin or cowhide, as these will mould to the shape of your leg and allow you to maintain a correct position when riding. Boots made from synthetic materials such as rubber are a less expensive option. The advantage of choosing this kind of boots over leather ones is that rubber riding boots require less maintenance and care.


The Fit of Riding Boots

This is perhaps the most important factor to consider when shopping for horse riding boots. Boots that do not fit well can ruin the riding experience for you. Besides choosing the right size, pay attention to calf measurement as well. Since riding boots are high, they should not prevent your knee from bending easily. Moreover, make sure the boot fits well on the calf, as a pair that is too tight can put too much pressure on the leg and cause discomfort and pain.


The Type of Riding Boots

When choosing the type of riding boot, consider the way you intend to use it. For example, if you plan to use them in English riding events, choose a pair of long English riding boots. For hunting, opt for a pair of hunt boots, which often have a contrasting band at the top. Several types of short riding boots exist as well, and they are suitable for performing stable maintenance or casual riding. Jodhpur riding boots is the most popular type of short riding boots. They are an excellent choice for teenagers who learn to ride. These boots are easy to pull on as they often have an elastic on the side. Short riding boots are also suitable for several types of competitions.

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