What New Features Do Eighth Generation Video Game Consoles Have?

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What New Features Do Eighth Generation Video Game Consoles Have?

The first video game console was introduced in 1967 when television engineer Ralph Baer designed the "Brown Box". The first game, played on the television screen, simply featured two squares chasing each other. Over the years since then, video game consoles have evolved rapidly, becoming smaller and more capacious when it comes to storing games. The graphics have also become more vivid and complex. The games consoles are always becoming better and more entertaining, in order to appeal to consumers. With each generation, new features are introduced.

Eighth generation video game consoles include the Xbox 720, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Wii U, PlayStation Vita, and Nintendo 3DS. Some of them are for home use, while others are portable. As tablets and smartphones are also becoming more and more popular, it is often thought that the eighth generation may be the last of the home video game consoles. Some of the eighth generation games consoles are likely to be released by the end of 2013. Eighth generation video game consoles can be bought from high street electronics shops, or on online auction sites, such as eBay..

Eighth Generation Home Video Game Consoles

Video game consoles for home use can be played in the comfort of one's living room. They use the TV screen in order to display the graphics and play the sounds of the game. Eighth generation game consoles for the home include Wii 2, PlayStation 4, and Xbox 720. Each one of them has its specific features that are not found in earlier models. However, it can be difficult to determine the exact features, because many of them are kept secret before the release.

Wii 2

The Wii 2 is a continuation of the popular Wii console, and it is more widely known as the Wii U.. The video game console was released in the end of 2012. The new console is backwards-compatible with the Wii console, so the old games and controllers are not wasted.

The controller of the Wii U is its most notable feature, because it resembles a small handheld console rather than a controller. The controller comes equipped with a front-facing camera, a motion tracker, and a 6.5-inch touchscreen, which can be used either for storing information or for enhancing the gameplay. The gamepad can be used for playing even when someone else is watching TV, because it is an extension of the console. In a golf game, the controller can be put onto the floor, where it becomes the ball, while in a pirate game, the controller itself can be used as a physical shield.

PlayStation 4

The PlayStation 4 was launched in February 2013 and is going to be released during 2013. The release date may differ by countries, with the PlayStation probably being first released in the USA and then in other countries.

The greatest innovation of this successor of PlayStation 3 is that the PlayStation 4 tracks both the controller in the gamer's hand as well as the gamer's face. When the player moves in the room, the screen is also adjusted accordingly. This proves to be useful when playing with a friend, as the split-screens are switched if necessary. Detecting the players and their motions takes place thanks to the new feature, the PlayStation 4 Eye. This device consists of two high-sensitivity cameras that come with wide-angle lenses. These lenses detect the location of the player in the room and are probably also used for logging in with facial recognition.

Motion sensors are also integrated into the controller, and the PlayStation Move is also enhanced for the new games console. The three-axis gyroscopic sensor features a three-axis accelerometer. A touchpad is also included on the controller, which indicates the player's number. Unlike the similar DualShock controller that came with the PlayStation 3, the new controller does not automatically fast forward when set down. Thanks to the integrated Share button, content can be easily shared with friends by simply clicking a button. Built-in software makes the sharing process even easier.

The hardware in the PlayStation 4 is similar to the hardware used in PCs. It probably comes with a processor that is more powerful than that of the Xbox 720, making the PlayStation 4 a powerful gaming device. With 8 GB of memory, the processing is fast and the games are run smoothly. Thanks to such high memory capacity, the console can be switched off in the middle of a game and then back on again, without losing any game data.

The PlayStation 4 can be used for playing 4K films. Sony has also announced that a special 4K Movie Service is included in the PlayStation 4 platform. With a built-in Blu-ray drive, high-quality films can be easily watched.

Xbox 720

The Xbox 720 is the successor of the popular Xbox 360.. It is expected to be released around Christmas 2013. The date is not set in stone and can change, but many fans estimate that by the end of 2013, the Xbox 720 should be available for purchase.

As for the new features of the Xbox 720, it is rumoured to have similar specifications to the PlayStation 4, although its graphics quality is supposedly lower than that of the PlayStation 4. The Xbox 720 may come equipped with an AMD processor, which can provide a clocking speed of 1.6 GHz. The console will probably have 8 GB of general system memory as well as separate memory for graphics. This makes the new Xbox fast when dealing with tasks other than gaming. For instance, the Xbox can also be used for watching films and surfing the Web. The Xbox 720 probably comes with a Blu-ray drive, allowing users to play disks that contain vast amounts of data.

The new Xbox 720 is probably still controlled with the old control pad, which has gained popularity among many gamers. However, the Xbox developers are also likely to take motion detection to the next level and provide an enhanced version of Kinect, incorporating 3D images for an optimally realistic gaming experience in the living room.

Many gamers fear that the eighth generation Xbox may not have the ability to play used games. This would mean that older games would lose resale value. The new Xbox may also require the Internet to be switched on at all times.

Eighth Generation Handheld Video Game Consoles

Handheld video game consoles are great on the go, because they allow their users to enjoy gaming virtually anywhere. The eighth generation handheld video game consoles include the Nintendo 3DS and the PlayStation Vita.

Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS allows for three-dimensional gaming without the need to wear bothersome 3D glasses. The players are free to choose between 2D and 3D gaming. Moreover, the depth of the 3D effect can be adjusted with a special slider. The console is backwards-compatible with the Nintendo DS, so old favourite games can also be enjoyed on the new console.

This handheld video game console comes equipped with a camera that allows users to share the moments of life wherever they may be. In fact, the console has three cameras, and therefore the photos can also be taken in three dimensions. Connecting to friends is made very easy with features such as StreetPass and SpotPass, which allow users to swap trailers, videos, and game content.

The Nintendo 3DS is very captivating because it gives the player the experience of augmented reality. This is accomplished via integrated gyro and motion sensors, as well as 3D upper screen graphics.

PlayStation Vita

The PlayStation Vita is a small portable console that can be played anywhere, thanks to its integrated 3G capabilities. With a stable Internet connection, the players can instantly share their game content and interact with friends. The dual analog sticks on the console allow the players to take control over the games, and the experience is further enhanced by the built-in motion sensor, which adds steering and tilting to the control features. Many actions can also be controlled through the 5-inch OLED touchscreen, while the console also has a touchpad at the rear that adds pulling, pushing, tracing, squeezing, and grabbing to the available motions.

With GPS integrated, the PlayStation Vita always knows where the player is, and is therefore able to offer yet another dimension by supporting location-based applications. It is thus possible to find friends or other players who are nearby, and to engage in multiplayer action. With front and rear cameras, the console makes it quite easy to share life on the go.

Buying Eighth Generation Video Game Consoles on eBay

When looking for eighth generation video game consoles on eBay, first find out if the console has already been released. If it has not, then you simply cannot buy it yet and have to come back at a later date. If you are looking for a video game console that has already been released, type your search terms into the search box that you can find at the top of any eBay page. After you receive the initial search results, you can further narrow them down by sorting them in terms of auction time or price, if you know when you need the games console or if you have a budget in mind. You can also select the item's condition or the seller's location for more specific results. In case your first search does not yield the results you are after, try clicking on related searches.

You can ask the seller questions, should you have questions about product features, delivery, packaging, payment methods, refunds, exchanges, or postage. Simply contact the seller with any concerns you may have. Top-rated sellers are quite likely to be able and willing to help you.


The first video game console was invented back in 1967. It allowed users to play primitive games. Today, eighth generation video games consoles come equipped with advanced features, which make the consoles much more than just gaming devices, and allow users to immerse themselves in the gaming experience.

The eighth generation video game consoles for home use include Wii 2, PlayStation 4, and Xbox 720. These are all successors of previously popular consoles. The Wii 2, also known as the Wii U, comes with a special controller that looks like a handheld console and enhances the gameplay in innovative ways. The PlayStation 4 takes motion tracking to the next level, by tracing both the controller and the gamer's facial movements.The PlayStation 4 is very fast, and can be used for high-quality games as well as for watching movies, even 4K ones. However, the Xbox 720 is probably better for an array of tasks other than gaming systems. The Xbox 720 is also equipped with an enhanced Kinect sensor that supports 3D images.

Handheld consoles from the eighth generation include Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita. The Nintendo 3DS allows for 3D gaming and brings augmented reality to a whole new level. Both handheld consoles offer great entertainment on the go, as they allow users to take photos and videos and instantly share them with friends online.

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