What SatNav?

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What SatNav?

I have been using TomTom SatNav for over a year now. They are top of the range and most user-friendly ever. So far, I have personally owned and used the following products:

TomTom Navigator 5 on XDA
TomTom Navigator 6 on XDA
TomTom Go 500
TomTom Go 510

Before you rush into it, you may consider writing down your requirements to find your perfect match.

The new ones come with speed camera databases as well so you may find it handy especially if you are driving in London, where I find it to be an absolute life saver. As police has to inform local councils before setting up a mobile speed catch, newer maps of TomTom contain these locations to ensure "maximum protection" against tickets.

Chosing The Right One

TomTom Navigator for PDAs

Using a GPS locator, if your PDA/smartphone does not already have one, you can hook yourself up to a brilliant SatNav solution on to your mobile.


  • Your phone is all you need to carry around, making you more mobile;
  • Safer as standalone navigation systems are more famous with burglars now;
  • You are free to upgrade to the latest TomTom versions.


  • Display is limited to the screen size of the PDA/mobile/smartphone;
  • Pairing an aftermarket bluetooth device may be a pain in the back side.

Please note that I provide full packages for PDAs with home installation service free of cost in most areas in England & Wales through eBay.

TomTom Standalone Navigation Systems (GO Series)

These are plug & play and most easy to get started with.


  • Plug & play;
  • No complex setup required;
  • Newer versions have safety camera database;
  • May connect phone via bluetooth and go handsfree.


  • Popular with car thieves;
  • Software cannot be upgraded to the current version although maps can.

You may contact me for more questions/information for the benefit of eBay community. I will endeavour to update this article regularly.

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