What Should You Look for When Buying Headsets for Fighting Games?

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What Should You Look for When Buying Headsets for Fighting Games?

Video games receive a negative stigma, mostly because of the image that depicts sleep deprived adolescents playing video games nonstop for days on end. Yet, video games have some redeeming qualities that include enhancing hand-eye coordination and sharpening concentration. Of all of the video game genres, fighting games provide the challenges that improve hand-eye coordination and concentration. Manufacturers create stunning visuals of boxing,, wrestling,, and mixed martial arts games, along with other fighting games that involve hand-to-hand combat. Fighting game audio quality has caught up to video enhancements, especially when gamers play with a headsets comfortably attached to their ears.

Gamers can buy video game headsets at big box electronics shops and at retail outlets that specialise in selling video games and video game systems. A growing number of ecommerce shops offer video game headsets for fighting games, although eBay clearly stands out as the best ecommerce portal. Before gamers play their next fighting video game, they should learn a little more about the fighting game genre, and then review the factors that determine which type of headset for fighting games they should purchase.

Overview of Fighting Games

The term "fighting game" has taken on several meanings since the advent of video game technology. Contemporary fighting games require that players control on-screen characters that engage in up close hand-to-hand or weaponry fights. Fighting game characters usually possess similar power and fighting techniques that include blocking, counter attacks, and striking. Fighting game manufacturers allow players to execute unique attacks that require the manipulation of several buttons simultaneously. The fighting game genre differs from the "beat 'em up" genre in that fighters in the beat 'em up genre fight multiple weaker opponents at the same time. The two genres were used interchangeably until the mid-1990s, when manufacturers listed fighting games to include sports such as boxing and wrestling. Mixed martial arts has given the fighting game genre a huge boot.

Enhanced video game technology has created 3D fighting games that mirror live fighting events. Moreover, sound quality has dramatically improved and many of the games rely on advanced audio systems to project sounds that emanate from the crowd and both fighters. Contemporary fighting games also include verbal tips and instructions that help players grasp some of the more difficult moves. The importance of fighting game audio has increased the demand for video game headsets.

Gaming Headset Buying Factors

Gamer have several buying criteria to consider before they make a decision on a headset. Any headset chosen must project pristine audio that blocks out noise interference. Gaming headsets also must be balanced in both sound and weight. Once gamers review the following headset buying factors, they should rank the factors before they go online to find the right sellers. One buying strategy that saves gamers money is listening to a few headsets in person, then shopping for the preferred headset on eBay.

Positional Audio

Positional audio represents the most important factor of headset sound quality. Gamers must be able to unequivocally understand sound effects that provide them with clues about their surroundings and fighting opponents. For instance, a gunshot heard through a headset that possesses strong positional accuracy allows the player to sonically zero in on the source of the gunshot. Since some fighting games take place outside of enclosed rings, players need to hear the creak of a door to be forewarned about imminent danger. Fighting games that transpire outside can include sound enhancements that positionally accurate headsets can maximise. While a headphone or headset's capability to accurately position sound is helpful for listening to music and films, it is an essential element of the high-quality fighting game audio experience.

Stereo vs. Surround Sound

Fighting game designers try to present an as authentic fighting experience as possible. This means for fighting games to appear realistic, the sounds heard during a game should come from all directions in, and around, the ring. Crowd noise should vacillate between close loud applause and an occasional raspberry tossed from the upper deck. The attention manufacturers place on realistic fighting game audio means players must decide between stereo and surround sound.

Surround sound headsets emit a sound quality that is as good as a speaker set played on a stereo source. The sound quality significantly improves when a surround sound headset plays audio from a surround sound source. However, one surround sound headset detraction is that they do not replicate the "from behind you" sounds that surround stereo speakers produce. Improvements in surround sound technology should allow surround sound headsets to emulate room acoustics to a degree that manipulates player ears to hear sounds from behind. Until the technology allows for surround sound includes the "from behind the player" sounds, an argument can be made that stereo headsets are better because their simplistic design does not involve much digital processing and sound wave manipulation. Think about stereo headsets as the headsets for today and surround sound headsets as the headset of the future.


Players need to channel unbridled focus during fighting video games. The slightest distraction, such as a headset that fits too tight, can cause a one second lapse in concentration that costs a player the game. Fighting game headset cups must cover, but not pull, on the ear. Since many gamers play for hours at a time, headsets should be lightweight and prevent fatigue.


Video game headsets endure more punishment than any other video game component or accessory. Active players can stretch the band that secures around the head and yank on the cord that attaches to the game console. Manufacturers place durability high on their design list, as they use materials that allow the headsets to bend, but never brake. Headsets must also thrive during the inevitable gaming marathons. Some headset manufacturers include a warranty that guarantees headset repair or replacement over the course of a specified timespan.

Headset vs. Headphone

Some audiophiles use the terms "headset" and "headphone&" in the same sentence to mean the same thing. Yet, there is a subtle difference that impacts the audio experience during a fighting game. Headsets possess built-in microphones, while headphones do not have such a device. The headset built-in microphone sits on a boom arm that remains close to the player's mouth. Advanced fighting games require players to issue some verbal commands during the fight, which preclude the use of headphones. In fact, most fighting game manufacturers have stated that verbal commands should comprise an integral component of future fighting game strategies. This means gamers should only consider headsets for use during video fighting games.

New vs. Used

Some gamers have a change of heart, and they return gaming headsets to electronics shops or offer them for sale online at eBay. This means that gamers can find virtually mint condition gaming headsets at discounted prices. Once a headset is removed from its original packaging, it loses value, but not performance. Gamers can find steeper discounts shopping for unwrapped headsets on eBay. Never sacrifice quality just to save a few pounds. Most used headsets do not project the same level of audio quality as the audio projected by new headsets..


For years, manufacturers produced generic headsets to work on multiple electronics products. Gamers can still find multi-purpose headsets that perform admirably with most game consoles. However, a recent trend indicates that game console manufacturers, such as Sony and Microsoft, manufacture headsets only to operate with their proprietary game console hardware and software. To play it safe, gamers should buy headsets that are compatible with the same company's game consoles..


Gaming headsets tend to cost less than gaming surround sound speakers, but gamers must be careful not to sacrifice quality for shaving a few pounds off of the price. Cheap headsets typically perform no better than the standard iPod earbuds. When setting the gaming budget, attach a price range to the console, and then make the headset priority number two. Fighting games require higher-quality audio, so be prepared to pay more for superior performance.

How to Buy Gaming Headsets on eBay

After researching and then ranking the factors involved in buying headsets for fighting games, you should go online to eBay and input specific keywords into the powerful search engine. Gamers who do not know exactly what they want in a gaming headset can type "gaming headsets" into the search engine and take time to review the myriad search results. The more effective search strategy is to type keywords, such as "Turtle Beach headset&" or "Tritton headset&" into eBay's search engine to reduce the number of search results and shorten the time it takes to find the right headset seller. You can also search by "single piece headset&" or "two piece headset&".

Once you cull your sellers list down to a few candidates, the time has arrived to play private investigator. Visit each of the seller candidate's product pages to analyse the enlarge product photographs. You need to look for any imperfections, such as nicks and scratches, as well as evidence that the headset manufacturer displayed in the photo matches the manufacturer claimed by the seller. Then, review each seller's accepted payment methods and delivery terms to ensure that they match your buying standards. Once you further reduce the seller candidate list, check with each remaining seller to see if you can buy a headset directly for his or her eBay Store..


The multi-billion dollar-per-year gaming industry continues to push forward with unbridled momentum. Not only have manufacturers captured a large teenage gaming base, a growing number of adults have come to enjoy playing video games and reap the physical benefits of improving hand-eye coordination. Fighting games, which involve two players engaging in hand-to-hand-combat have perhaps undergone the most significant transformations. Once a genre based on captivating visual effects, fighting games now include important audio enhancements that directly affect player performance. This means avid gamers should consider buying headsets for fighting games.

A number of factors determine which type of headset to buy. Cost always plays a role in purchasing electronics equipment, although gaming headsets require buyers to place quality over budget consciousness. Gamers must decide between stereo and surround sound headsets, as well as choosing new or used headsets. Comfort plays a large role in which gaming headset to select, since many gamers spend hours on end engaging in hand-to-hand combat games. Gamers should also consider headset durability, which brand name companies help to ensure by constructing headsets with rugged materials that absorb physical punishment.

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