What Soap?

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Unlike most 'Soapers', all our bases are the same - pure, gentle, non-abrasive and effective. Organic and Non-SLS.  We, at Purdie's Scottish Soap Company, feel that if the foundation of any product is good then we should not mess around with it.  Our soap base is effective for all skin types and that is what we stick to.  It is the other ingredients which help the particular skin types you may have.  If soaps have oils or butters they are better for your dry skin or for those who wish to moisturise their skin due to a lack of elaticity.

The Essential Oils do all different jobs.  Some people think an essential oil is about smell only.  This is certainly an important factor, not just because it smells nice but also the reaction it gets from the brain. Essential Oils are natural Botanicals ground down and all have very different natural healing properties, just the same as most drugs you would get from a Doctor are originally from plant bases.


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