What Spells Can and Cannot Do

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What Spell Can and Cannot Do

Healing Spells -

Healing spell can be used to combat illness such as colds, flu's and viruses. They can help the body build its immune system and start the healing process. They cannot however be used as a substitute for proffessional medical care. It cannot sure life threatening illnesses! You can use spells to ward of catching cold, flu's etc. Magick can be used to help combat anxiety, panick attacks and ease depression but in these cases especially depression spells should be used in conjunction with treatment from your GP.

Love/Relationship Spells -

You can cast a spell to attract new love, your soul mate, the person who is right for you at this time or to open up opportunites to meet new  people. Magick used on someone else to change their free will and make them love you is ethically wrong, no wiccan would do this or help someone else achieve it. Apart from the moral issues they have a tendancy to back fire which for someone in experienced is a difficult situation to get out off.

Relationship spells can be used to receive a blessing for a relationship, improve communication, rekindle a physical spark and improve intimacy. If the spell involves the two of you, you both need to have given permission but relationship spells between couples are often very effective.

Fertility Spells -

As mentioned in my 'The Truth About Fertility Spells Guide', fertility spells can enhance both partners fertility. They can also help prepare the womens body to conceive, provide support, piece of mind and give a blessing. They can be used in couples trying naturally for a baby and those undergoing IVF or hormone treatments. However fertility spells cannot help someone who has been told they medically cannot conceive for whatever reason.

Spells can also be used once a successful conception has taken place, to bless the pregnancy, keep the mother and baby safe and help make the pregnancy a smooth one.

Protection Spells -

There are so many uses for protection spells, from protecting your home, your children, yourself, removing negative thoughts, removing negative energy etc

Protection spells can be very effective when used correctly for all of the above. If someone at work is sending you negative energy, if your house feels unsettled or if you feel you are under personal attack.

You can even make travel protection spells, car protection spells or a spell to protect a particular object.

When casting protection or negativity removing spells always cast them to protect yourself and send back or away the negative energy. NEVER use them to send bad thoughts, negative energy or anything else nasty to someone else. If you are under personal attack, use a protection spell to reflect is away from you without adding anything to it. Its unethical to send anything extra back and you could be on the receiving end of the full force of it coming back to YOU!

I hope this helps some people new to their path and informs people who may be intrigued!!

Brightest Blessings


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