What Time To List Your Items For Auction?

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I have found I sell more by auction when I list in the evening, between 8 - 9pm.

I suspect this is because most bidders like to be watching the bidding when it is ready to close.  They can't do this if it is early hours of the morning and also allow for mothers on school runs and shopping, so mid morning is not as good, then we have the workers, 9-5pm, unless they have access to a computer in the daytime they miss out as well.   Hence the evening when, apart from shift workers everyone is more likely to be at home close to their computers. Consider also listing on a Sunday Evening, you will benefit from one full Sunday evening and a full weekend, this could give shift workers more of a chance.  So give it a try and I hope it works as well for you as it does for me.  Best wishes to you all  Patricia

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